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Millions of women (and men) want to feel sexier, when a lack of confidence or anxiety has told them they aren’t. While we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, let’s be realistic and say that we all want to feel confident in the way we look and feel. So whether you actually want to change how you look, or just become more comfortable in your own skin, let’s explore a few ways to make it happen. And before you know you it, you’ll be feeling like the hottest woman in the room.

1. Let’s work out

When we think of being “hotter”, or body is the first thing we think of. I mean, who hasn’t thought about having a slamming body. You know, a slamming body, that will make the guys want to…slam! But maybe you don’t wanna change how you look, or maybe you do, either way is cool. BUT, whether you want to tone up, lose weight or gain strength, exercising is good for you. It releases endorphins and helps us feel confident in what we accomplish. So, the best thing you can do is get off the sofa, and go to the gym. Woah, woah, hold on there. The gyms aren’t open right about now and may not be open for quite some time. That’s no problem.

You may need to get yourself a few things to workout at home. Like a sports bra, leggings, a workout tank top, and a pair of trainers. Then for equipment you need things like a tension rope, skipping rope, a yoga mat, balance ball and some simple low-weight dumbbells. Or maybe not, there are tonnes of equipment-free workouts out there for you to try.

Find a channel on YouTube, for whatever level of workout you can do, in a range of activities such as Pilates, aerobics, yoga or something like tai chi. You can do intense aerobics to shape and sculpt your body, while you can do pilates to give your body more curves and strength. Or maybe you’d rather work on your flexibility (wink, wink), through a bit of yoga and stretching. 

2. Learn to dance

Men are very visual; like, a lot! It’s how they are programmed and while women are more mentally adept in the sexual arena, what we like, cannot be forced onto men. So, what can you do to stimulate a man’s eyes and therefore his you know what? 

Learn to dance ladies! A woman who can move her body, be in charge of her every move, and know exactly what to do and how she wants to move is INCREDIBLY sexy. There are lots of ways of learning but first you have to pick a style. It’s not like dancing to hip hop or just random club music, it’s something specific and so you need to know which category.

  • Spanish – the Spanish style of dancing is very sultry and yet aggressive. It’s powerful, defiant and shows that you’re a woman that is strong, knows what she wants and she’s willing to find an equal. It’s called traditional Spanish style but there are lots of different types that you can learn. And yes, it’s more than just tap dancing! 
  • Rumba – if you have watched Dancing with the Stars or a show called Strictly Come Dancing, you will have heard of this one. It’s a mixture of various styles but it’s mainly got some key points such as accentuating the roles of the feminine and the masculine. The man is strong, charged, determined and bold. The woman is sexy, alluring and using her curves to lead and both be led in the dance.
  • Waltz – hey there’s nothing quite like a classy young lady that knows how to waltz. She’s the belle of the ball and for good reason. A waltz needs timing, elegance, confidence and effortless direction. This is a dance that is very Western so you can probably find a class locally that teaches you this kind of dance.

3. Start a gratitude journal

You know, one of the things that we need to do more of, especially during this time, is to compliment ourselves. We have done pretty damn well considering the lockdowns and the Covid-19 virus spreading like wildfire. So, we need to be more grateful to ourselves and it starts off by being kind to ourselves. If you feel very low in your self-confidence and no one is there to lift you up. Then you should do the heavy lifting instead.

Get yourself a journal that is purely for self-gratification. Write one compliment a day in this journal. “You look fire in that dress today”. “Your nails look cute in that colour”.  Something like this could really boost morale when you read it back at the end of the week. A journal like this can also be something that you look back on every month to see a pattern of things that you like about yourself. Maybe you really do look brilliant in that dress. Something about it, the cut, the line, the shape, style or colour, just suits your body, smile and or eyes. 

4. Getting shot

No. We mean getting shot by a photographer. Boudoir photography produces some of the most beautiful images, and it’s more popular than you think. You can wear anything you want and the professional photographer will make you look stunning. How?

Well, let’s look at what it is. Boudoir photography is really good at showing you in the best lighting, celebrating your curves, shedding light on the imperfections that we all have and yet, remaining sexy and mysterious. Other styles of boudoir such as ‘morning’ styles shoot you in cute booty panties, a shirt or just in your lingerie. Working with a profession that knows how to achieve elegant boudoir photography can be one of the most uplifting experiences you will ever have. Make sure they’re easy going, can put you at ease and most of all, be respectful. They will also study your body in complete dignity and grace, see you in your best light and take the best photos in this regard.

5. Be proud of what you’re into

For some unknown reason, women think they should be more private or shy about what they find attractive. What women find erotic is perfectly normal. In this modern day and age pride in women, it’s easy to fall prey to self-stigmatisation. If you like a strong man that’s not because you feel inferior to men or want to be subservient to them all the time. But, who are we kidding ladies, 50 Shades of Grey practically sprouted wings and flew off the shelves. It wasn’t even particularly well-written. It didn’t even have a good story if we’re honest. It was all about the man. What is about?

A shy, nervous woman, meets a strong, rich man who is razor sharp and knows what he wants. She sees something in him that she would like to also have. Confidence to be her true self. And as you can guess, the man wrenches her true personality out of her, with blindfolds, handcuffs and whips! Women often confess to their sexual fantasies including, the alpha male, dominating them and getting whatever he wants from them. It’s a form of utter desire, uncontrollable lust and the highest form of being desired. Look up the theory of the ‘noble savage’. Women want a prince in the living room and a wild untamed swashbuckler in between the sheets.

6. Oh, what the hell… Masturbate!

Newsflash, orgasms release endorphins which make you feel fantastic! And did you know masturbating is good for your mental health? So you know what to do don’t you ladies? That’s right, time to buy a new dildo or vibrator. We don’t want to get into too much detail, but we recommend the types that really hit the spot. Usually, this isn’t the widest, but the ones that are ‘ribbed’. The ones that are flexible and feel like the real thing are pretty common now. You don’t need to get a giant block of plastic and just go to town with that anymore. Take a look at the latest from the top brands and you’ll see that the advancement in material to make it feel like real skin, is one of the best selling reasons. Masturbation is completely normal and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. It can make us feel brilliant and feel more sexy. Why? Well when you know what you are capable of sexually, know what you like, you’re more confident to be more direct in real life.

Don’t you want to feel sexier? Of course you do! Most things that call themselves, human beings do!  If you’re one of them, these are just six ways to make yourself feel more alluring and ravishing. But can you think of some others?

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