5 Reasons You Should Take A Peep At Peepshow Toys

When I teach about working with sponsors I always tell folks to work with companies they would say nice things about in regular conversations- in other words, companies they actually like- so they can rep their sponsors effectively AND enjoy themselves doing it. Because I feel really strongly about the importance of that I’m so excited to have the wonderful folks over at Peepshow Toys sponsoring my upcoming appearance at the Guelph Sexuality Conference. I started working with Peepshow last November and quickly realized they were a company I could solidly get behind. Today I’m going to tell you a bit about why. So, if you are unfamiliar with these folks, listen up as I tell you why you should take a peep at Peepshow Toys.*

They are sex toy snobs without the snobbery

At Peepshow Toys they are committed to maintaining stock that is not only non-toxic but also non-porous. (There is a difference and most sex toy pros will tell you non-porous is the way to go). I’ve seen places make this commitment before and fail because their stock was all pricey silicone vibrators and body safety felt like an elitist thing. At Peepshow there are toys at a HUGE range of price points and they even have a section labeled “Under $50” to help folks stay body safe on a budget.

The Peepshow blog is BADASS!

I’m not just saying that because I’ve written for it- Peepshow Toys has a legit terrific blog! They bring in familiar faces from the sex writing world (folks like Kate Sloan, Erika Lynae, ME!) to create smart, original content for them and it is fabulous! Their articles are generally product based but they are always educational as well. The Peepshow Toys blog is a great place to grow your sexy toy savvy while doing your shopping!


Peepshow works with seasoned reviewers to help you find your new favorites

Sex toy reviewers try A LOT of toys and have some very strong opinions. Peepshow has taken notice of this, gathered up a bunch of seasoned toy reviewers, and had them create curated lists of their favorite products so you can see what different reviewers like right from the Peepshow site. Below you’ll see four examples but there are a bunch more, there’s even a list from me!

Let’s talk about the sales!

Everyone loves a good sale and Peepshow has some terrific ones! If you follow me regularly, it should come as no surprise that spring’s “Wand Week” sale was one of my favorites but seriously, Peepshow routinely has super-fun sales that offer all sorts of great deals. The ones below are all sales that have passed (sorry!) but keep and eye out because they have new ones all the time!


They are just lovely people

The first time I worked with Peepshow Toys they sent me a toy to review and I did something I rarely do- I gave it a bad review, like, a really bad one. In JoEllen terms I savaged this thing and included a laundry list of products to consider instead of the one I was reviewing. Afterwards, I received the loveliest email from the Peepshow crew thanking me for the wonderful work – not at all what I expected but, I’ve since come to realize, very much reflective of who they are. Peepshow Toys is not just about selling products, they are about teaching folks, supporting educators, making quality affordable, and, at the risk of sounding schmaltzy, being kind. I’m thrilled to be working with them and to recommend them.

Peepshow is, simply put, a pleasure to work and I’m so excited to be representing them at the Guelph Sexuality Conference on June 22nd and 23rd. If you are there come find me to come get some fun swag. Rumor has it there may even be some giveaways going on. Basically, Peepshow is hooking it up – don’t miss it!

Photo of JoEllen with the Guelph Sexuality Conference logo


So, that’s the story! Go check out Peepshow Toys, they are pretty rad!

peepshow toys logo- lowercase turquoise and white letters

*I know it’s hokey but I really couldn’t resist. #sorrynotsorry

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