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Over my time as a sex influencer, I’ve amassed some toys and tools that help me work more efficiently, and I want to share them you, fellow clip creators and cam models! This guide will have a bit of everything, from kink products to enhance your cam shows to sex toys I think are must haves for people in our line of work! Sex toy education and sex work seem to have a bit of a gap when it comes to good toys sometimes, so I want to bridge the two industries together. Whether you’re thinking about getting into the industry, or are an established vet, I think you’ll at least find some parts of this list useful.

Here are toys that I consider staples for sexy content creators!

Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is my absolute favourite vibrator. It’s big, it’s strong, it makes me cum easily. If you’re just starting with sex toys, this is where I would go first. It’s good for orgasm control shows on cam, or is a perfect companion for videos. It being the rechargeable version also allows it to be used anywhere! Read my full review.

Lovense Line

While I haven’t used any of the Lovense toys myself, they are widely loved for their cam room connectivity by cam models! They link up with cam sits so you can feel your tips as you get them.

We-Vibe Tango

Everyone needs a little bullet vibe. You can use the We-Vibe Tango, a strong yet quiet rechargeable vibe, for discreet clit use, or to use inside a dildo hole to make the dildo vibrate. It’s especially good for traveling with (think of all that sneaky voyeur content you can make). Read my full review.

Vixen Dildos

The most realistic line of dildos in the business is Vixen Creations. All their toys are silicone (a body safe material) and their VixSkin line features dual-density silicone, making the dils more realistic with a hard inner core, and a softer outer layer. They look and feel like real dildos, making them perfect for playing with on camera. Throw your porous Doc Johnson out and get one of your fans to help you invest in one of these babies. Read my Bandit review. Read my Mustang review.

Ejaculating Dildos

A good jizzing dildo is an important tool in a nsfw creators arsenal – but most on the market aren’t made out of body safe, or cleanable materials! Toy reviewer SquirrelMunk has a list of all the available squirting silicone dildos on the market, but most of them aren’t human realistic ones, which is an important thing for us models. If you’re not concerned about porosity too much (ie you won’t be sharing your toy with any friends) – then the King Cock line from Pipedream may be a good option!

Blush Novelties

If you’re looking for a brand that’s more budget friendly, Blush Novelties has a lot of silicone toys (some dual-density too) that are great realistic dick stand-ins for filming. Their Real Nude line is one of my faves. They also have lines of dildos that feature fun and flirty colours and shapes, which can be good for mixing it up in creative videos or on cam. Read my Dayo review. Read my Silicone Willy Suction Cup review. Read my Avant D3 review.

If you don’t already own one, suction vibes are something I HIGHLY recommend if you’re a person with a vulva and love clit suction. Toys like the Womanizer Premium, or the Satisfyer Pro 2, use air-suction technology to draw your clit (or other areas of your vulva) into and push it out again in a fast, intense repetitive motion that mimics the best vulva oral sex (at least for me). Having one of these on hand has helped me get turned on before filming a scene, and they’re a fun toy to use on camera due to their deliciously intense nature.

Butt Plugs

Anal is loved in the adult industry, especially at this moment in time. If you’re looking to dip your toe into anal play, and take advantage of the bootyhole loving market, I recommend starting with a soft, small butt plug like the Fun Factory Bootie plug. I also love the nJoy Pure Plugs, which are lovely stainless steel butt plugs in multiple sizes, and work for beginner to advanced butt sluts.

Pussy Pump

Speaking of alternative sex toys to use on cam, pussy pumps are lacking in the cam/clip market! Basically, it’s a cup you can place on your vulva, and when you squeeze the dongle the air gets sucked out of the cup, creating a vacuum effect and bringing blood to your vulva. It enlarges everything, making your pussy look plump and freshly fucked. I’ve used during one of the times I’ve cammed, and people could tip for me to pump it more, and when I took it off, my vulva was huge! It’s a visual thing for people to enjoy. I have the Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump by CalExotics but feel free to check out the collection at SheVibe to find one that will fit you!

Fleshlight or Sleeve

Whether you have a dick or not, Fleshlight products or penis sleeves can be surprisingly useful items to add to your sex toy toolkit. I ended up with an anal shaped sleeve, and because I don’t have a partner with a dick, I decided to use it for an anal and prostate masturbation instructional video. Vulva shaped ones, and even ambiguous ones like the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, can be handy for JOI content or video-to-video shows. Read my Quickshot Vantage review here.

Clone-A-Pussy and Clone-a-Willy

Ahhh, yes, genital cloning! Clone-a-genital products are awesome for video creation, or even for interacting with your fans on a personal level. If you clone your vulva or dick, you can use that in a video to pleasure yourself with, or you can sell your clone to your fans. You could even get your fans to send in their toy genital doppelgangers for a toy-based fan gang bang of sorts! C

Strap On

Strap-On choices are so personal, I can’t even begin to recommend what one might be good for you, your life and your work! But, I can’t not mention them or this list would feel incomplete as strap-on are not only good for pegging, and vulva-penetrative sex, but dildo harnesses can be used as a way to attach dildos to things for filming POV blowjob scenes. Browse SheVibe’s strap archive to see what they offer.

Here’s a list of some alternative fantasy toy companies to support…



Dread the Empire

Kudo Voodoo

Strange Bedfellas

Rideable Vibrators – Sybian / Cowgirl / Motorbunny

Some extremely HOT content can come out of making videos with a rideable sex toy. When I reviewed the Sybian-esque Cowgirl last summer, I had a LOT of fun using it for making content, and it didn’t hurt that these types of machines already have a popular video market. And god, the orgasms that are produced with them… I just came back from a Cam Clubhouse were we had a Motorbunny and… wow.

Fucking Machine

The dildo Fucking Machine market is one I’m not to familiar with, so I’m going to recommend you check out Joanne’s Sex Machine Reviews, she’s the go to for comparing and contrasting different brands and models!


Need a thrusting dildo that’s a little more portable? Check out the VelvetCo toys! You can bring them anywhere to fuck yourself with and they don’t require much set up! Read my reviews here.

[GIF of Suz in a green school skirt and fishnet thigh highs, on her knees in her bed. Her butt is out, and she's spanking it with a crop.]

UV Candles

Toys with visual appeal are perfect for cam shows, especially when you get to mix sensation play with it. Wax candles can be used to drip warm or hot wax, allowing you to slowly paint a beautiful mess on your (or a friend’s) body.

Spanking Things

I think all online sex workers have promised their audiences 100+ spanks at some point in time, no? Spanking implements are almost like required course materials for us at this point. In the same vein as UV Candles, implements provide sensation along with visual stimulation for the audience, so they’re frequently used in creating interactive sexual content. Finding what kind of  a spanking you enjoy can determine what toy you get – like stingy swats? Go for a crop. If you enjoy more thuddy spanks, maybe get a thicker, sturdier paddle! Not sure yet? The little XOXO paddles are great for beginners.


Tying someone up (whether that be a partner or a sex worker you’re collaborating with), can be so much fun for your audience. Restraints can add an element of suspense and domination to other acts you’re planning on performing. Check out SheVibe’s bondage collection for all of your restraint needs!

Check back soon for a post on tools, non-sexy products, and software that helps me as an online sex worker!

This post was sponsored. All opinions and writing are by yours truly (as always)!

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