Want to be a Sex Blogger? DO IT! My Online Class is Back!

Do you want to be a sex blogger? Are you already actively blogging and ready to step up your game? Could you use something to help you set up your site, find your voice, hone your writing skills, master social media, and make this stuff pay the bills? AWESOME!

My popular online sex blogging group class is coming back this fall and it’s better than ever! Once again I’m teaming up with my good friend sex writer, html savant, and toy reviewing trailblazer Epiphora to share everything our combined 15+ years in blogging has taught us in The Business of Blogging About Sex! The most exciting part? We’ve expanded it into a six-week long class to give our students sufficient time to absorb all the information (there’s A LOT of it!), get all their questions answered, and lay the foundations for their blogging empires! This year’s class will take place September 1st through October 20th and our early bird sale is on RIGHT NOW! Get $100 off through the end of May (with payment plans available).

This class is pretty epic. In addition to covering everything Epiphora and I have to share, it’s chock full of tidbits from over 35 adult industry leaders. Since its creation in 2015 the class has constantly evolved — as Epiphora and I learn and grow, we keep adding new stuff and it keeps getting bigger and better. Also, Epiphora gets a kick out of pointing out that at over 88,000 words, it’s longer than Mrs. Dalloway, which is pretty impressive if you think about it.

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out what former students have to say. In case you don’t feel like clicking, it’s good stuff! One asked “how much did I pay for this class again? I thought it was worth a million bucks!” and Avery of The Palimpsex said:

This course made me feel like a professional human being, wielding the uniqueness of my sexual experience as a lightning rod . . . It gave me the tools to keep momentum going, the bravery to ask for support, the confidence to see my worth, and the discipline to generate material consistently. I really felt like this class was some sort of treasure or secret club, and it became a safe space that made me feel so special. I am beyond satisfied — I only wish it didn’t end!

What if the class sounds good but the “group” part’s not for you or you’d rather make your own schedule? We’ve got you covered too!  Get $100 off our independent study and 15% off individual lessons through the end of the month!

Group Class — Fall 2017 ($100 off through May 31)

Do you work best in a group, in a structured environment with deadlines and peer support? Our group class is for you! Bonuses include two live video hangouts with , a free sex toy for review from one of our sponsors (SheVibe, TantusFun Factory, Vibratex, and Lovehoney), and a personalized photography critique from the amazing Penny.

Space is limited to 15-20 students, so sign up soon to secure a spot! Payment plans available.

Independent Study ($100 off through May 31)

Prefer to learn on your own time, work by yourself, even get started RIGHT NOW? Our Independent Study includes all lessons (plus optional feedback from me and Epiphora), with the freedom of working independently!

Individual Lessons (15% off through May 31)

Learning à la carte! Choose the lesson(s) most beneficial to you, with optional feedback from me and Epiphora. This option is great for bloggers wanting to hone their craft in specific areas.


See what past students are saying about the coursework, get a taste of the content by signing up for our newsletter, and if you have any lingering questions, read our FAQ, email me, or comment below. I hope we can work together soon!

Early bird pricing ends soon! Take advantage now!

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