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If you’re coupled up, you probably already know what’s in the cards for Valentine’s Day. But you haven’t accounted for every minute of every hour, have you? Good; that means you have plenty of time to add something new and unexpected to your Valentine’s plans. Put your game face on and get in the competitive spirit with these playful sex games where everyone winds up a winner.

Love is Blind

First, gather a collection of objects with unique sensory properties, like a feather or loofah. Then, obscure your lover’s vision with a blindfold (a makeshift one will do in a pinch!) and have them lie down naked. Slowly caress your partner’s skin (and feel free to get creative with placement) with each object and have them guess what each tool of desire is, making a note of how many answers are correct. Once you’re out of items to titillate with, switch roles with your boo and have them repeat the above process on you. Tally up your scores afterward, and crown whoever has more accurate guesses the winner!

The Rabbit and the Hare

Engage your honey in a mutual masturbation session with a twist by racing each other to orgasm. Be sure to account for handicaps if one party typically climaxes before the other and give the slower-to-come partner a toy or head start to even up the playing field. While the person who first reaches the big O wins this game, they should showcase good sportsmanship and help their opponent cross the finish line once the clock stops ticking.

Silence is Golden

Take turns performing naughty actions on each other for two minutes at a time. The person being touched is to remain utterly silent throughout their partner’s turn; no moans, sighs, or whimpers allowed! If they succeed in stifling any noises of enjoyment, it’s their turn to tease their lover for two minutes. Keep repeating the process until someone can’t help but audibly display their lust, and then feel free to make all the noise you want as you finish what you started.

Light as a Feather

Similar to “Silence is Golden,” this game takes place in repeated turns. During a turn, one party will oh-so-gently caress their opponent’s hot spots. Each turn should last somewhere between five and 10 minutes; not so much time that it’s a full foreplay session, but enough to where the teasing has an impact. As the game’s name suggests, you should only be using featherlight touches on your partner that arouse without bringing release. The game doesn’t end until someone breaks and begs for more intense stimulation, but it’s up to the winner to decide if they’ll play nice and give it to them. 

We’ve laid out the rules for you, now all you have to do is pick a prize for the winner; might we suggest a sexual favor? Just know that whether you win or lose, you’ve already won a place in Liberator’s heart. Here’s to hoping you have a bangin’ Valentine’s Day!

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