All The Things To Love About DOXY: A Vibrating Retrospective

It is pretty cool

Stepping onto an elevator at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit I was met by the smiling face of one of my all-time favorite sex educators who, after greeting me, reached out to touch my Doxy necklace and said “You made this popular”. That made me smile because I had seen a couple of other people rocking Doxy necklace as the weekend went on and I loved the idea that I might be responsible for it. Later though, recounting that story to a friend, she said “Are you sure she meant the necklace? You talk about them so much I think she might have just meant the wand!”

Now, I would LOVE it if I could take any credit for the popularity of Doxy but, seriously, that’s all on them. Since coming on the scene in 2013 (I can’t get my mind around the fact that there was no Doxy when I started this site) Doxy has found its way into many hearts with its sleek designs and hella strong motors. I’ve watched friends who originally scoffed at the giant Doxy Wand box be won over by the undeniable awesomeness of their stuff and it’s been so much fun! So, today I’m doing a little “Why I love Doxy” retrospective – I’ll even give you a peek at some of the new stuff coming up! Here goes:


Doxy Massager


I can still tell you the date I received my first Doxy (September 7, 2014) and at least the gist of what I tweeted after testing it for the first time (“3 orgasms in 9 minutes”). This one was my first love and still holds a big place in my heart. Born in response to the unavailability of the Magic Wand in the UK, the original Doxy Massager pretty quickly stole hearts (including mine) on this side of the pond with its sleek body and super-powerful motor. I’ve always been partial to my black Doxy but it comes in white, purple, and pink too. Check out my review of the original Doxy Massager here.



So, my love for the DON (née Skittle) is interesting. It’s not a toy I use very much, as it’s an insertable and those aren’t really my bag. But the moment I fell for this toy was when I heard Ruby from Doxy talking about an exchange she had with someone at the Doxy booth at a trade show. The person asked something along the lines of “how do you use it?” and Ruby replied “how do you want to use it?”. I love that story and the flexibility of this toy! In the recent rebranding (apparently a certain candy company was not too fond of a sex toy being called Skittle) it has been specifically labeled an “anal” toy but it’s still as powerful and as multi-use a toy as it always was! Check out my video review here.


DOXY Die Cast

I once described the Doxy Die Cast as “the Superman to the Doxy Wand’s Clark Kent” and I stand by that description. Sleeker, sexier, more bad ass than its predecessor, the Die Cast is the Doxy massager’s superhero counterpart. With cool additions like the silicone head and the light up buttons the Die Cast feels thoughtfully designed and luxurious. Also, the Die Cast brought with it Doxy’s wand case, which is a big deal on its own. Check out my review of the Doxy Die Cast here.


Die Cast Colors

The superhero of vibrators now comes in super-sexy colors. Not just colors, but SPARKLY colors. These things are just gorgeous. With the same silicone head and badass body as the Doxy Die Cast in sparkly black, white, red, and purple, these are basically the coolest. As we speak there’s one en route to me, it’s – surprise, surprise- red.


DOXY Bullet Vibes

I’ve made no secret of the fact that small vibes aren’t my thing. So why am I so excited for these new (like so new I can’t even give you links), ridiculously strong bullets?

First off, they represent Doxy’s first step into the world of rechargeable toys! If you look at the pictures you’ll notice that some of the bullets have cords attached and some do not. That’s because there are two versions: one that plugs in (constant power!) and one that is rechargeable!

Secondly, I’m excited to get to share my Doxy love with the bullet and small vibe lovers out there. When you love a company that’s know for its wands and try to rave about them to someone who doesn’t do wands it’s kind of a let down. Now, Doxy for both camps!

So, Doxy actually paused the bullet project as they look for ways to perfect the product (Doxy is devoted to producing high-quality products, after all!). I’ll update this again if they decide to move forward.

So, that’s my rundown of all things Doxy past, present, and future. If you want to get some for yourself I recommend checking out SheVibe.

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