I Want To Hang Out With You at #SFS16!

This week I’m heading to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit (#SFS16). I’ve got a pretty busy schedule and I’m pretty psyched for it! Last year at Woodhull I skipped all things social and this year I’m actually hosting a social event-  what?! I know, it’s wild! I’m so grateful that the folks at Woodhull were willing to let me host the Sex Geek Salon and I’m so excited to see it come to life!

This event was born out the same desire that fuels much of my work- the desire to let folks know that they aren’t broken, that there is a place for them at the table. I wanted to create a space for people who are shy, intimidated, overwhelmed, quiet, new, or who just prefer more mellow socializing* because I have been all of those things at conferences and know that sometimes it feels like you’re just failing at the social aspect. No one should feel that way, especially when there isn’t a “right” way to do it!

Intrigued? I’ll bet you are! For more information check out my video “Socializing at a Conference (When Socializing Isn’t Your Thing)

I’m so looking forward to hanging out you folks at #SFSSalon (that’s the hashtag for posting and following from home) and if you miss me there definitely catch up with me over the weekend! If you are at the Summit you can catch either of my two other sessions (my full schedule is available here) or stop me in the hallway- look for the hair, it’s hard to miss!  If you’re following along at home follow hashtag #SFS16 for all things Woodhull as well as #SFSMedia for my session Navigating Social Media Practices For Adult Businesses with Metis Black and Sandra Bruce and #SFSMonster for Facing The Monster Under The Bed: Continuing The Conversation About Sex and Depression with Stephen Biggs.

*Why didn’t I say “introverted”? I’ve been super-protective when it comes to that word and this event

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