The top 6 sex and relationship podcasts you need to be listening to : Sex & London City

Podcasts. They ain’t all gritty crime dramas and murders. Sometimes you can blush, have a giggle and, yes, learn a thing or two. And where else needs a bit of love and attention than your sex life?

So pop in those earbuds, turn down the volume if you’re in the office, and get ready to change the way you view sex, with our round-up of the six sex and relationships podcasts that NEED to be in your downloads.

1. Sex & Singapore City

Well, duh, were we ever gonna put anyone else first?

S&SC podcast is hosted by our EIC, Nixalina. Nix was oversharing way before it became popular, and I’m so glad she did. I’ve got to admit, I live a little vicariously through Nixalina. She talks about the stuff no one else wants to, from the friendzone to toxic relationships through to the double standards between the sexes and those women who just can’t orgasm through penetrative sex. If you wanna know, then she’s got it covered.

2. The Second Circle

The Second Circle is a “podcast that takes sex seriously”. Sex writer Franki Cookney hosts with a view to change the idea that sex doesn’t deserve the same attention as the rest of our lives. Oh yes it does!

3. Sex with Emily

A classic if ever there was one; I’ve been listening to Emily for years. Yep, even at my desk during work hours. Soz, guys. Dr Emily Morse was doing podcasts before they hit the mainstream, and she’s still going strong. Sex with Emily is an absolute gem; a must download for anyone who likes all things sex with a dollop of real honesty and some real life Q&A sprinkled in.

4. Doing it!

If you’re looking for a podcast that is not only sex positive, but incredibly inclusive and just so heartfelt you want to sit down with each and every guest and get to know them over a cocktail, then Hannah Witton’s Doing It! is for you. Not limiting her topics to just relationships, Hannah and her guests talk about sex when disabled, the journey of coming out as transgender, and the burning questions you were too afraid to ask your sex ed teacher.

5. Project Pleasure

Frankie Wells is in our earbuds with Anouszka Tate to host Project Pleasure. Safe sex and healthy relationships can be mixed perfectly with pleasure, as Frankie and Anouszka will teach you, along with everything you probably should have been taught at school. Hear from industry experts, indulge in real-life stories, and cringe and laugh along the way.

6. Unexpected Fluids

The name enough should give you a chuckle. Unexpected Fluids is a BBC podcast all about sex – never something I’d thought I’d say, really. But it is bloody damn good. If you haven’t heard of journalist and sex educator, Alix Fox, the you’re in for a treat. Alix joins with YouTube Riyadh Khalaf to talk all this naked bodies, sex stuff and with some hilarious and awkward moments along the way.

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