Hotel Quickies –

Hi, guys! Knowing that I’d be going out of town the following week for the Thanksgiving holiday, Holden and I treated ourselves to a quick getaway to a boutique hotel near us for the night of Friday, November 18, 2016. The reasons for the night away were (a) fucking, (b) taking pictures, and (c) taking pictures while fucking. When I came back after Thanksgiving, we were so excited about setting up a Christmas holiday session that we barely put much examination into the hotel photos — We just cherry-picked the very best ones and moved on, never opening the folder again after we finished posting them. So this’ll be fun! I guess we’ll go through the archive and post outtakes in the same order as the first-choice shots. There must have been a reason for our sequencing the first time, so we’ll trust our past selves to guide us! ~C

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