The Bedhead’s 2015 Favorite Things w/ Doxy, Sliquid & more!

2015 has been quite a year. I started it off too injured to do much and by the end I had traveled to two conferences to talk about sex and depression, created my first online learning content (more to come!), gave one of my all-time favorite interviews and along with Epiphora I taught 20 awesome folks how to be badass sex bloggers – whew! I also tried out more toys than I had realized so now it’s that time of year – time for me to tell you what has wowed me the most in 2015!  Way back in January when I made my 2015 Sex Toy To-Do List I said “I want to know more about giant wands!” and that ended up being oddly prophetic, half of this list is wand-style vibes! What makes this list different from years past, though, is that it’s not all toys (or lube or whatever). This year’s list features a book that you need to read, like, right now and, in perhaps the biggest departure from my usual format, an event that really knocked my socks off. For now though, get ready for my 2015 Favorite Things!

The Redhead Bedhead’s 2015 Favorite Things


BMS Factory PalmPower Wand 

My Review

Palm Power Massager - Favorite ThingsOnce you have reviewed a bunch of toys you find that you start to repeat yourself. There are several “game changers” more than one thing that’s “completely different” and “new favorite” just becomes a cliché but here’s something I have legitimately never said about a toy before – the BMS FactoryPalmPower Wand gave me a new way to masturbate. For real.

Get it here:
SheVibePeepshow Toys

Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life

by Emily Nagoski Ph.D.

Come As You Are BookOften people’s sex questions boil down to “Am I normal?”, this book uses science to tell everyone that yes, they are- and it does it beautifully. I admire Emily Nagoski so much as a writer, an educator, and a person. This book inspired me simultaneously to make, do and teach more and to be kinder to myself about my own “am I doing it right?” moments – sexual or not.

Get it here:
She BopPeepshow ToysAmazon,


Crave Vesper Vibrating Necklace 

My Review

Assorted Crave Vesper NecklacesIt’s a necklace, it’s a slim rechargeable vibrator that looks like a nail, it’s a surefire sign that its owner is a big old sex geek. So, here’s the thing- I knew upon seeing the Vesper that based solely on its size there was no way it was a toy that would get me off but I also knew I would love it and I do. Crave makes sexy things and this is just sexy. I treasure it more as a cool piece of jewelry that’s a fun nod to who I am and what I do than as a sex toy and if you can get behind that idea (or like slim bullet vibes), you’ll love it too.

Get it here:
Good Vibrations, Early to BedShe BopSpectrum Boutique


Doxy Die Cast 

My Review

Doxy Die CastFrom the moment I laid eyes on the Doxy Die Cast at ANME last January I was smitten. I finally got my hands on it one last month and, thank heavens, I love it! (It would have been so sad otherwise!) Everything I loved about the original Doxy with a super-sexy steel body and silicone head (which does make the vibration slightly -only slightly!- less intense). I haven’t done my review of the Die Cast yet but it’s coming and it’s exciting.

Get it here:
SheVibeLovehoneyPeepshow Toys


Jimmyjane Iconic Wand 

My Review

Jimmyjane Iconic WandI started out not liking this toy – the controls are set up weird and the handle isn’t intuitive but I’ll say this: I put it down next to my bed after testing it and then (because I’m lazy) kept picking it up to masturbate for the next couple of weeks. Then, after an admirable amount of time it died and I couldn’t find the charger. It really bothered me to not have the Iconic Wand on hand. I actually tore my house apart looking for it and then I realized the Iconic Wand had snuck onto my favorites list!



Sliquid Smooth Shave Cream & Splash Feminine Wash 

My Review

IMG_0549I didn’t think I’d ever get excited about a shaving product or “feminine wash” but then this year I discovered Sliquid’s bath products  and learned what it was like to have my skin feel nice after I shaved it (seriously folks, mango and shea butter- yum!) and to have a product I don’t feel weird about using to wash silicone lube off (sometimes it happens). These are both lovely, gentle, luxurious products. I now have both the Grapefruit Thyme Smooth and theHoneydew Cucumber Splash in my shower and the Unscented versions of both in reserve.
 Get Smooth here: SheVibeLovehoney
Get Splash here: 


Swan Wand 

My Review

Swan WandWhat’s great about the Swan Wand? Because the big end is so big the Swan Wand is wonderful for external use. It can hit the entire genital region at once (turn it sideways a bit) or zero in a bit (use the rounded bottom tip).  It can also be used internally – the smaller end can be inserted for g-spot stimulation. Because the vibration is so rumbly and deep and both sides can be turned on at once you will feel like everything it being simulated at once. It’s safe to say I adore this toy.

Get it here:
SheVibe, Early to Bed, LovehoneyPeepshow Toys


Tantus Uncut #1 

My Review

Assorted Tantus Uncut #1The Uncut dildos are beautifully detailed and exquisite to touch. I especially love thatIMG_1264 Tantus has created dildos with foreskin in a way that do not sensationalize or fetishize it. It feels important to have toys that acknowledge anatomical features and the fact that there’s not one way for bodies to be. I love these so much that when I first got mine I actually cuddled with them.

Get it here:
TantusSheVibe, She Bop

Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable 

My Review

Magic Wand RechargeableI love this thing. As I predicted would happen when the folks as Good Vibrations asked if I wanted to test the Magic Wand Rechargeable – I want to marry this toy and move to the suburbs with it to have its little Magic Wand babies. Hats off to the folks at Vibratex for taking one of the world’s most beloved sex toys (sorry, Hitachi – it’s a sex toy) and making it even more loveable.
Get it here:
Good VibrationsSheVibe, Early to BedPeepshow Toys, Tantus


Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit 

Featured in Raising My Voice As Quietly As Possible- Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit 

Woodhull Sexual Freedom SummitI have never put an event on this list, it simply never occurred to me, but with Woodhull there was just no question – they blew me away. Here’s a bit about why:

At sex conferences people often speak of “preaching to the choir” and there may be some truth in that, but while Woodhull speakers may preach to the choir, from what I saw they, in the process, make that choir better, louder, more effective. The choir, as it were, leaves Woodhull more able to effect change. Why is this? What makes Woodhull different from other conferences? I think it’s that Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit demands more of its speakers. Woodhull sessions must demonstrate that they, on some level, address the idea of sex as a human rights issue. Woodhull challenges their speakers to go a step further and ask “Why?” and that makes a huge difference.  It should also be noted that the people behind this event are kind, genuine, enthusiastic and devoid of ego. It was incredible to watch them work. I cannot wait to go back for #SFS16!

Learn more:
Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit


Next I’ll be getting ready to create my 2016 Sex Toy To-Do list. Is there anything you’d like to see me review? Check out past To-Do lists here: 2013, 2014, 2015

To see all the things I’ve loved in previous years, check out my Sexy Superhero Shopping and Bedhead Approved Reading pages!



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