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If women masturbating wasn’t stigmatised enough, sex and masturbation whilst menstruating remains one of the final and biggest taboos when it comes to talking about sexual wellness. Yet many women enjoy period sex and regular orgasms throughout the menstrual cycle have been proven to have amazing benefits on the body.   

With World Menstrual Hygiene Day and Masturbation day coinciding on May 28th, sexual wellness brand Satisfyer is leading the conversation when it comes to normalising listening to our bodies and unlocking our sexual potential, even when it’s that time of the month. For many, hormone fluctuations can mean increased sexual desire which peaks when menstruating, yet negative connotations attached to fear of mess and continued stigma around periods can mean many women shy away from the sheets. 

Conversations on female masturbation exploded in 2020, with many facing time away from sexual partners and periods of isolation offering opportunity to explore the body. Orgasms can have many benefits for the body especially when considering the menstrual cycle, and these benefits are worth talking about to de-stigmatize period sex and masturbation.  

Megwyn White, Director of Education at Satisfyer and Certified Clinical Sexologist:  

“Regular orgasms throughout the cycle can help to support a healthy balance of hormones and a regular cycle, meaning that a good sexual wellness routine will be of benefit before, during and after your period. When we orgasm, the endorphins and hormones released, including ‘love hormone’ oxytocin, help the body to manage pain by interacting with the opiate receptors in the brain to reduce our perception of pain. These powerful chemicals work with the brain to alleviate us in the same way as pain-relief drugs, helping to ease cramps and migraines. Orgasms may also make your periods shorter as muscle contractions push out the uterine contents faster, which is a win-win.”  

Using a vibrator can be particularly beneficial to alleviate the pain of cramps, given their ability to bring more oxygen and blood flow to the pelvic area, which is often a leading cause of period pain. Vibrators can offer focused relief through directed touch, both externally and internally, areas that even a heating pad can’t always access. 

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