All is Quiet –

Hello, everyone! We skipped over the next archive folder, chronologically, since it was an early December session full of Christmas images that have already been mined for outtakes. So we are on now to January 1st of 2017. It was a less-than-prolific day (we were both a bit hungover, if I recall correctly), but we did find several overlooked shots to explore. The top photo was a tripod check, as the two photos we posted four years ago were of both of us together at the stove. And the first choice for the bottom one was inexplicably posted with a hazy black-and-white edit, for some reason. Longtime readers will recall Holden’s tradition of shopping the Victoria’s Secret five-for-$25 panty special for part of my Christmas gifts, and these two were in my 2016 package. Have a lovely weekend! ~C

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