Product Profile: Chrystalino Glass Dildos

Review by Josef Sv

I have a very tight hole, so I was reluctant to even invite such sound structures like the Chrystalino series into my usual anal routines. In the bedroom department, I’m most comfortable playing the “top” card with my partner, though I now realize that “comfortable” may not be the most appropriate term after playing with my now-beloved Chrystalino toys. I should say familiar since I usually shy away from striking toys that I worry may do a number on me simply because I haven’t experimented enough with them. Where there was once a glass ceiling, there now lives three glass toys beautifully crafted to suit every strength.

The Chrystalino trio I toyed with over the weekend reintroduced a certain luxurious escape that I often miss in anal stimulation, as most male-specific toys cater to the ‘monster dick, monster trick’ genre and are genuinely horrifying—or just kind of pathetic looking. 

These celestial curiosities, however, are of mint condition, and I sweat over the curvatures enough to speak on their artistic design alone. The Follower, Gripper, and Planets models could each double as a coffee table ornament or a decorative armoire piece. In fact, I tested this perspective by leaving them out around my apartment when my mother came to visit. Placed around the living room, they added some galleria gusto in the most subtle style possible, offering thoughtful speculation to the untrained eye.

“I really do love the High Museum!” she gawked. 

These sculpted sex wands are made of handblown, borosilicate glass, earning each of them a mythical, godly presence in your cove’s command. From the smaller, 4.5” pulsator (the Follower) to the orbital, 7” snake (Planets), all three of these silky suckers carry the same stern yet elegant weight of a Greek goddess—or like, Cher.

This is important because you want a toy that’s confident enough to distract you from everything else but not something that just pulled up in a bright red Dodge Ram truck with tinted windows. For someone like me, the Chrystalino trio proves warm and welcoming with just the right amount of glazed allure to keep you guessing.

Now, back to my tight hole. I began this galactic adventure with the Follower (4.5” with 3.3” of insertable length), which, coincidentally, turned out to be my favorite orgasm I achieved using the Chrystalino dildos. In the spirit of double-trouble, my partner and I teamed up for this one, with him pressing the Follower into me with pulsating rhythms and I curling the Planets up and around his floodgate.

This kind of duality always gets me off, when you can give the same amount of pressure to a partner as they return the favor, both of you climbing together to that breaking point. 

The Follower’s tuna fish shape provided the perfect amount of girth I needed to stuff myself, considering how strong my muscles remained around the anus. After what felt like thirty minutes of delicious thunder, we had fireworks. The little Follower was the butt plug I ached for and didn’t even know it.

The following day, when I thought I would make a few home improvements, my anus pleaded for further discovery. This time, as my partner was away at work, I was charting a solo mission, with the Gripper as my driving force. This unique piece sports a teardrop tip with a gaping handle for easy maneuvering. Think, “Pull the lever, Kronk.”

In my book, this one’s the “bad boy” of the Chrystalino bunch. Despite the coiling size of Planets (7”), the Gripper is sneaky, with a deceptive tip and more hands-on control for the user, which, at some point in the process, became difficult for me to manipulate. It can be easy to lose control with the Gripper due to its ring-pop pulley design. With my index finger wrapped about the loop, things got aggressive, fast

By comparison, the Follower wields more strength in the hands of another, whereas the Gripper rewards the ambitions of the user entirely. Essentially, it’s designed to take you beyond Mars, if you’re up to it.

Though thicker and longer than her two sisters, Planets was not as overwhelming as I anticipated, thanks in large part to the smooth texture of the glass. The artisanal work behind Planets is unparalleled. Symmetrical and slightly intestinal in shape, this oceanesque prodder gets better with time. My partner rode this one with ease, but I took things slow, savoring each orb like it was an hors d’oeuvre and wanting more.

By the time I swallowed the spheres of Planets on Sunday evening (bless), I had made a permanent space in my closet for the Chrystalino toys. They were here to stay. 

The Chrystalino series is where sharp design meets luxurious indulgence, dripping with angelic power. These sculpted toys are cool as a cucumber, ideal for curious holes like mine and experienced bottoms looking for an elegant treat.

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