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We don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s kind of hot right now. Really hot, actually.

And for those cool and collected lovers amongst us, nothing ruins the moment like things being too hot. You know, ‘get as far away as possible from me in bed’, kind of hot. 

With the world finally opening back up, casual sex is back on the table again. And on the floor, and up against the wall… You get the picture. 

But rather than darting for the nearest cold shower or marble floor to shag on, there are certain kinks and fetishes that thrive in hot temperatures. If you still want to have the hot summer of love you’ve been dreaming of, don’t let the stifling heat ruin your sex life. Ruby Payne, sexpert and Dominatrix at fetish and BDSM retailer, UberKinky, dishes all the details on seven fetishes that’ll keep things HOT… just without the heatstroke:

  1. Actirasty – No, this fetish doesn’t have anything to do with spiders. In fact, it is a sexual arousal to the rays of the sun, which is often enjoyed through sex outside. With the sun beating down on us day after day, this fetish will be well and truly thriving right now. For those who would rather be on the beach than anywhere else
  2. Aquaphilia – The fetish for water and having sex in or around water. The word literally means water lover. Get out the backyard paddling pool, this fetish is well and truly worth exploring in the summer
  3. Food play – This fetish involves incorporating food into sex. Leave the dishes in the cupboard and use your partner as a plate. Pick cool foods that’ll make summer playtime more enjoyable like whipped cream and ice cream
  4. Mysophilia – A fetish for items that have been dirtied, especially by bodily fluids, during sex. Used underwear is one favourite example, so let yourself sweat
  5. Olfactophilia – The sexual arousal by smells and odours emanating from the body, such as sweat. If you’ve never minded the smell after a hot day, maybe skip the shower for a day or two
  6. Psychrocism – Definitely one to dabble in during a heatwave; psychrocism is the fetish for being cold, having sex with a cold partner, or using cold objects (such as ice cubes or cold dildos) during sex
  7. Urophilia – A rather popular fetish, urophilia – also known as watersports or golden showers – involves being peed on or peeing on another person. Get in the bathtub and get each other truly soaking wet; you can even cool down with a cold shower afterwards

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