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Quick! Picture a vibrator! Now describe it. I’ll bet you thought of words like sleek, sexy, curved, or maybe even modern but how about ergonomic? Ergonomic might not be the first (or 50th) word to come to mind when you think of sex stuff (if you’re like me it probably makes you think of office chairs) but when we get talking about vibrator design, it should 100% be on the list. Why? Because vibrators should meet our physical needs, not just our orgasmic ones. 

WTH Does Ergonomic Mean?

So, what does ergonomic mean? Well, according to Merriam-Webster, it refers to “the design characteristics of an object resulting especially from the application of the science of ergonomics.” Since that is not entirely helpful, let’s take a look at what “the science of ergonomics” involves. Once again, according to Merriam-Webster, ergonomics is “concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely”. Tl;dr? Something that is ergonomic is designed for efficient and safe use.

How Does That Relate to Vibrators?

Now, what does this have to do with vibrators? A lot, actually. From size to shape to weight to button placement and beyond, there are a lot of factors that go into making a vibrator that is usable by as many people as possible and ergonomics should be one of them. After all, whether you have physical issues or just get off often, pain is the last thing you want out of a vibrator.

So now that we’ve cleared that up, lets take a look at some of the things that go into making an ergonomic vibrator!

Hands-Free and Remote Control Use

You can do away with a lot of the other issues we’re going to talk about– weight, grip, etc.– by choosing hands-free or remote control sex toys. Toys that are hands-free can be great ergonomic choices as they don’t require the user to hold them in place at all. Some hands-free toys are designed to be worn on the body, some (like some vibrators and strokers) can be suction-cupped to flat surfaces for hands-free use. Another way to go hands-free with a toy is to use a toy that can be operated by remote control. Many toys come with their own wired or wireless remotes and some, like the Lovense Lush 3 can even be controlled via your phone.

Handles to Hold

O-Wand vibrator and its boxHow do you hold a vibrator when you are using it? For many of us this isn’t even a concern – we just hold it the way that makes it work for us. However, for folks with arthritis, any kind of issue that affects grip strength, or folks for whom reaching down to their genitals is difficult, the kind of handle a toy has (and that it has one at all) are a pretty big deal. Lots of toys are straight or short or straight and short and this requires some angling to get the toy into place. These factors are not ideal for some people. In such cases, toys with longer handles can be far more comfortable.

Additionally, wand-style massagers can be good choices because, generally, they have longer handles than the standard vibrator. Handle shape also matters as a handle that isn’t straight can help cut down on the need to twist the arm, bend the wrist, or otherwise maneuver the toy into place. The O-Wand, for example, has a curved handle designed to be ergonomic and therefor super user-friendly

Button Placement

Mystic wandHow you have to hold a vibrating toy becomes a moot point if you can’t turn it on. So, look at where buttons are placed. Are they easy to reach? Comfortable? One of my favorite design choices in recent years was made on the Mystic Wand Rechargeable by Vibratex. The small, light curved wand had buttons placed in multiple locations (the front and back of the handle and down near its base) making it easy to find a button regardless of your hand placement. Another way to make sure you don’t get tripped up by buttons is to look for a toy with a remote control. Toys of all different styles have them these days and they enable the user to control the toy without having to mess with one’s grip during use. When you’re considering a toy, look at how it’s designed to be held, how you think you would hold it, and whether the button placement makes sense for you.


Le Wand PetiteI spoke earlier about wand-style massages and how their long handles can make them a more accessible choice and that is true; however, many wands fail the ergonomics test based on their weight. For some users, a heavier toy is just not comfortable to hold. It’s hard to enjoy yourself when the simple act of holding your toy up is causing discomfort. This where lightweight toys can be super-helpful. The Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Massager weighs in at 0.47 lbs (7.52 oz), making it one of the lightest wands and a great accessible option.

So there you have it! Ergonomic vibrators are definitely a thing and, frankly, should be even more of a thing than they currently are. If you find using some vibrators difficult, keep these factors we’ve discussed in mind when shopping and speak up when toys don’t work for you. Often – in sex toys as in many aspects of life – accessibility falls by the manufacturing wayside, so let companies know if you need more, better or just different ergonomic sex products. Pleasure is for everybody and EVERY body. Ergonomic design helps ensure that more people can get all the pleasure they should out of a good vibrator – without the pain.

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