How to Blow His Mind with Your Head

Blow Job Tricks that Will Blow His Mind

Giving oral sex can make anyone feel like a smoking hot and powerful version of the 1970’s Wonder Woman or Superman. There’s great satisfaction in giving someone pleasure simply from using your mouth. But what would you say about doubling your lover’s pleasure and doubling the fun? A great way of amping up oral sex skills is by including prostate or anal play with your blow jobs.

Get the Juice Flowing

Like any great performer, you’ll definitely want to warm up before getting busy, especially when you are adding an anal element to the party. First, let’s take care of you. Increase the flexibility of your jaw by doing some gentle yawn exercises. Also, prepare your mouth for his special kiss by sucking on a piece of candy. Not only will your mouth taste yummy, but it will also help produce more saliva, which can help prevent lockjaw.

Just the Tip

For some men, the underside of their penis tip (glans) is the most sensitive. So, going beyond that point may be fruitless. When going for the load, try focusing your tongue on his frenulum (the elastic band of tissue under the glans that connects to the foreskin). With a light touch of your tongue, tease that area with soft circular motions. You can use your hand to gently stroke him. However, all of the attention should be on just the tip. When he’s ready to pop, place your mouth just slightly over the head and apply a soft sucking motion.

Hand Jive

So here’s a great solution for women having problems executing their blow job tricks. Get some really good lube. I like the kind that gets warm. The heat from the lube will feel like the inside of the mouth or vagina. Squirt a lot of it into your hands and wrap your thumb and index finger loosely around his shaft (like an O.K. sign).

Build tension using long, gentle strokes at first, going from the base of his cock to the tip. As he becomes more aroused, include more fingers until your entire hand is squeezing with pressure.

Also, don’t neglect the balls. When it comes to a great handjob, stimulating a man’s testicles is like delivering the first line of great performance; it’s not the part that gets a standing ovation, but it sure sets the stage for something great. When he’s ready to unload his juice, just cup them gently and apply some pressure as he ejaculates.

Job Sharing

The mouth and hands don’t have to take the first shift of the blow job. By having intercourse first, your vagina can do most of the work for you. Try using a position (reverse cowgirl) where you can move in quickly and have instant access to his penis. When he is getting close to climaxing, change position, and give him the oral stimulation and finish him off. Your vagina will limit the time it takes for him to achieve orgasm and will save your jaw from aching. Also, he’ll appreciate being able to just lie back and let you do all the work.

Solo Practice

When mouth-on-penis is not even an option, help your buddy out a little. Try something that is packed with sensual goodness and is fun to use together. The ultimate in simulated blow jobs is the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Oral Sex Simulator. Invented by people who know good blow jobs tricks, this male stroker goes beyond the feeling of a vagina—it will actually feel like a hot, tight mouth.

More Blow Job Tricks

If your life is devoid of a vibrating male sex toy, you are missing out. Not only will you find a vibrator a reasonable substitute for blow jobs, but you’ll also find that ejaculating can feel more intense. KIIROO Titan is a toy designed to enhance penis tip stimulation. It may look like a space-aged invention, but I assure you, when you place his lubed cock inside, it will feel like an old-fashioned blow job—all he has to do is close his eyes.

The Under Carriage

With all those built-in instruments, you can mix techniques until your lover’s mind explodes. Don’t focus only on the penis. Play with his other erogenous zones to keep him on the edge. If you’re a skilled multi-tasker, you can mix two techniques at once. Start easy; tug the balls while licking the head of his dick. Then kick it up a notch, or two, or three.

Using a prostate toy like the LELO BILLY 2 is a sure fire way to amp up your blow job tricks. This perfectly designed vibrator may look like it’s for women, but is actually for male anal play. The slim structure and easy-to-use control panel will let you give him all types of surprises.

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