Give Your Sex Life A Standing Ovation

Everyone wants to have great sex, right? But chances are when you and your lover are about to get it on, you don’t often think about getting off. The bed, that is! Now, there’s nothing wrong with some between-the-sheets action, but you can spice things up by incorporating new upright positions. So go ahead, give your sex life a standing ovation with these off-the-bed ideas! 

All you need is your lover and a Liberator!

Thanks to our Liberator Shapes a wide variety of standing sex positions are accessible to everyone. They are designed to give couples support, stability, and control during lovemaking that allows both partners to reach their highest sexual potential! 

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at 6 off-the-bed positions.

Lucky Man

Because it requires less effort, Lucky Man — unlike missionary — allows couples to really connect in a more comfortable position. Adding a Liberator Ramp to the mix lets you bring your faces closer together, even when there is a significant height difference! This allows for eye contact, kissing, and access to other erogenous zones unavailable during missionary. 

Take Flight

“Take Flight” is one of the best positions for oral sex and foreplay. Because one lover is upright, they can easily navigate themselves toward any happy zone. With the Ramp firmly positioned under the bum, they’ll be able to really show off their moves without craning the neck or finding themselves in an awkward situation. See how easy it becomes to kiss your lover, while stimulating their lower body at the same time! “Taking Flight” also lets couples engage in their favorite number, 69. Simply reverse your positioning, with your head toward the edge of the bed and your lover can easily bend over to service your pleasure zone, and vice versa. 

Take Flight

Prime Time

This next position puts the ‘love’ in lovemaking. “Prime Time” is the way to go once you’re ready to get jiggy with it. It’s the perfect position for the main act. In this position, the top lover (the one off the bed) will be able to guide themselves inward and control movement through the hips. This is an especially effective position for same-sex couples that want to try strap-on play. The top will be able to get a full view of the entry, which is a huge turn-on for nearly everyone. Having the Ramp underneath the lower back and hips plays a crucial role in keeping everything elevated and stable, thus letting the thighs spread comfortably wider. To tighten your area, and create an entirely new sensation, try putting your legs together and place the ankle on your lover’s shoulders.

Prime Time

Grab & Go

Some individuals can have a hard time climaxing with penetration alone, but the “Grab & Go” position allows for responsive clitoral stimulation! When couples modify their position, they open the floodgates to a host of new sensations. With the hips and pelvis tilted upward, there is a good shot at experiencing intense g-spot orgasms while being penetrated with just a few inches of a penis or dildo. The top can easily stimulate the clitoris while thrusting — this kind of play can often result in a very intense blended orgasm.

Grab and Go

Matching Doggy

Off-the-bed positions are also wonderful for sex from behind! After a super-charged warm-up session, flip your partner over so they are lying face down on the Ramp®. In “Matching Doggy” the top can easily grab your hips and thrust both of you into ecstasy. This is also a great angle for the bottom to take control and wiggle his or her butt into their lover’s genitals. However you like it, “Matching Doggy” is the ideal position for both of you to synchronize your rhythms to each other, even while looking away.  

Matching Doggy

Super Doggy

Finally, upright positions are also great for couples that want to explore anal sex. After a super-charged warm-up session, flip your position, lie face down on the Ramp and form the “Super Doggy.” To create a more comfortable angle, you’ll want to have the Ramp at the extreme edge of the bed and directly under the pelvis. This gives your lover a perfect view of your jewels and allows them to pull your cheeks apart gently. Once your lover penetrates from behind, ask them to lift your knees slightly or lift your feet in the air. With your body comfortably resting on the Ramp®, you will be able to enjoy the illusion of weightlessness.  

Super Doggy

Are you excited to try any of these six Standing Ovation positions? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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