Lusty Ladies’ Night: The Best Sex Accessories for Girl-on-Girl Fun

While your connection and chemistry are what make sex truly grand, bringing the right accessories on board will only enhance the experience. From spicing things up to making post-coital cleanup more convenient, these racy reinforcements are the perfect addition to sapphic sexcapades.  

Bringing toys to the bedroom is always a good time, but the pursuit of shared sex toy fun can come with a few hindrances. For instance, taking turns isn’t ideal when both parties want to get off NOW, and mutual masturbation can lack intimacy when you’re after a more conjoint experience. The Tula Toy Mount provides a solution to such dual toy stimulation woes and allows couples to come together on their own terms (and toys). Two separate slots support you and your boo’s favorite toys simultaneously, while the hands-free design allows you to caress your lover’s body as you bump and grind. The mount’s petite size makes it perfect for fitting between your bodies without blocking off access to each other, and its shape provides endless positioning possibilities.

When it comes to fooling around, the wetter, the better, and with multiple vaginas in the mix, things are bound to be soaking wet. But what’s a turn-on during sex can be less appealing after the fact—how many of us have argued about who has to sleep in the wet spot when we should have been cuddling? Keeping the aftermath in mind, the Fascinator Throw is the perfect functional accessory for fucking. This plush throw soaks up liquids—we all know how messy good sex gets—for super easy cleanup when the fun stops. Take the worry out of sticky lube, period sex, and love juices with this machine-washable sex blanket so you can stay in the moment and focus on your partner instead of your sheets. 

Oral sex is a labor of love, and skilled cunnilingoists know that you can’t rush the process and achieve satisfying results. What you can do, however, is make the process a little easier on yourself. The Wedge elevates your lady’s hips, putting her pussy right where you want it: front and center. The angle of this sex positioning Shape is designed to grant better access to the genitals and provide neck support for lengthy oral sessions. Use this performance enhancer when you’re eating out, and you’ll be sure to get rave reviews.

Accessorizing your sex life can bring more excitement to erotic encounters and even aid in efficiency. And though sex is amazing in and of itself, the right accouterments can make it even better—and isn’t better always better?

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