A Guide to Stimulating G-Spot Sex Positions

Stimulating G-Spot Sex Positions

When it comes to orgasms, a woman’s clitoris is her best friend and a consistent companion that provides predictable pleasure. But what about the G-spot? In the big-wide-world of orgasms, the G-spot orgasm is oftentimes few and far between. That is partly due to sex positions. Because every woman is created differently, the G-spot is not always in the same location or even the same size. We at Liberator believe our sex positioning shapes offer stimulating G-spot sex positions without having to waste hours locating the elusive G-spot.

Here are a few Stimulating G-Spot Sex Positions you can try tonight!

The Standing Ovation

The secret to stimulating G-spot sex positions is having the proper elevation. Using the Liberator Wedge, you can add precise height and lift for the legs and hips, which also helps tilt the pelvis. This 45-degree angle lets the penis to move upwards and allows the head to stimulate the G-spot with slight pressure and friction.

The Down Low

Stimulating G-Spot Sex Positions

Turn traditional doggy style into stimulating G-spot sex positions with the help of the Arche Wedge.  The subtle slope provides the perfect angle for deeper penetration and reaching the G-spot. This position is ideal for men with less than average size penises.

The Wave

Stimulating G-Spot Sex Positions

The curve and contours of ESSE II premium love lounger are ideal for stimulating G-spot sex positions as well as prolonging the lovemaking session. Specially designed for supporting your weight and keeping your bodies connected, this piece of sex furniture really lets you control the amount of stimulation. You can easily straddle your lover while riding him slowly. For more pressure against the G-spot, try grinding your hips in a back and forth motion.

Want to try stimulating G-spot sex positions on your own? There are several toys that can help! The Lelo Hula Beads rotate and vibrate, giving you twice the sensations. If you would prefer to be in control, try combining the Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount with the Lelo Mona 2. For a non-vibrating option, the stainless steel Njoy Pure Wand is pure bliss when you hit the mark.

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