Rear Entry Sex Positions You Can Get Behind

Rear Entry Sex Positions You Can Get Behind

The 2018 SKYN Condom Millenial Sex Survey is out and it looks like rear entry sex positions have taken over. An equal number of men and women polled say doggie is what does it for them. Which is great! Not because the missionary positions are inferior but because rear entry sex positions have amazing benefits for both partners.

Benefits of Rear Entry Sex Positions

If getting on all fours is not your cup of tea, you may want to consider a few variables that may help change your mind. Rear entry sex positions can:

  • Increase depth and penetration, which is good for men with less than average penis size.
  • Gives you greater access and leverage for thrusting.
  • Offer intense G-spot stimulation.
  • Provides room for incorporating sex toys and other stimulating products.
  • Introduce some light bondage or spanking!

More than just Doggie

The main reason why rear entry sex positions have become man and woman’s best friend is versatility. You can experience the position every which way possible (not just on all four’s) simply by making a few modifications.

Lying Rear Entry Sex Positions

The ESSE Chaise is the master of rear entry sex positions. This curved and contoured Shape lets couples slide comfortably into the scoop which holds your bodies in perfect alignment. Your lover can enter and pump his hips forward and backward. For super intense penetration and a tighter squeeze, you can keep your thighs close together. If you’re craving more intimacy, turn your face to the side and invite them to give you kisses all alongside your neck, ear, and face.

Standing Rear Entry Sex Positions

Standing Rear Entry Sex Positions

Stand with your lover behind you and lean your torso over the edge of the Axis-Magic Wand Sex Toy Mount. As they enter from behind, spread your legs open while the vibrating Magic Wand stimulates your sweet spot. Your partner can hold onto your hips for more control and penetrative action. For a full-body rush, completely lean over the mount and place your knee on each side of the Shape. You can move back and forth, adding more to the thrusting and penetration.

Side Rear Entry Sex Positions

Side Leaning Rear Entry Sex Positions

Standing at the edge of the bed, with your body posed on its side, your lover can make either vaginal or anal entry. The Black Label Ramp adds a kinky twist by keeping your wrists securely bound. Circle your hips around and around, starting off slow and picking up the pace. This extra-fresh rear entry sex position can get both of you off in no time at all. For adding clitoral stimulation, have them use the Womanizer Premium.

Kneeling Rear Entry Sex Positions

Rear Entry Sex Positions

Want to give your lover an all-access pass to your goody basket? This super-powered rear entry sex position really offers up a full heaping of extra stimulation. The ESSE is a versatile shape that lets your lover gain extra height by using the headrest. With your knees perched at the edge of the Shape, you can rock up and down their shaft for deeper penetration. Try using an anal butt plug for extra excitement.

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