I Got to Talk With Sex Nerd Sandra About Sex & Depression

Back in 2012, after my marriage split up when, I knew one of my goals was to have a happy, healthy, really hot sex live but I had not a clue where to start (seriously, I was pretty sure I knew nothing- not exactly accurate, but still), a good friend directed me to a podcast he had been listening to. Suddenly Sex Nerd Sandra was a fixture in my life. I spent a lot of drives from Boston to New Jersey (I visited my mom a lot my last year back east) learning about sex (seriously, to this day certain topics still remind me of the Mass Pike). It was Sandra who (unknowingly) gave me the push to start my site. When Redhead Bedhead was born I was pretty early in my learning-about-stuff journey and didn’t really feel like I had the right to be here. I didn’t feel cool enough or knowledgable enough to be on the internet talking about sex. But Sandra was so open about always learning and sometimes not knowing and sometimes felling spazzy that I realized it was totally okay to be exactly where I was and talking about sex on the internet (Thanks Sandra!).

All that said, I was thrilled and honored when Sandra asked me to come on her show to discuss sex and depression and even more honored to be part of the conversation we shared. Thank you so much, Sandra!

So, without further ado:

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