Bedroom Bonding: 3 Snuggly Positions to Strengthen Your Emotional Connection

Though intimacy can take place in many forms, physical touch plays a large role in keeping warm and fuzzy feelings afloat. When you and your partner are speaking different languages, sometimes a warm embrace is all you need to bridge the communication gap. Whether a huge fight has landed your partner in the doghouse and you’re ready to make amends, or you’ve found yourself taking your partner for granted thanks to a new(ish) WFH routine, getting your relationship back on track is as easy as taking things to the bedroom. 

You don’t have to be all up in each other’s business to feel connected in the bedroom. The Watchguard gives ample space for those who toss and turn and prevents body heat-induced night sweats while still allowing you and your loved one to gaze into one another’s eyes.

The Baby Spoon provides the intimacy of having your bodies molded perfectly to each other without any uncomfortable ‘hair in your mouth’ moments. To start, lay on your side and assume a semi fetal position, leaving enough room between your calves and thighs for your partner’s body to fit between. Your partner should then snuggle into the small curve so you two can enjoy this ultra cuddly position.

Looking to add a guest star to your bedtime shenanigans? This thruple-friendly position will make your visitor feel right at home. For “The More, The Merrier,” position yourself on one side of the bed and have your threesome guest star lie on the other side. Your primary partner should place themselves at the foot of the bed and take on the role of the submissive. 

Wait, you were looking for sex positions? Oops, our bad! Happy April Fool’s, Liberator fans!

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