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Are you a blogger or educator who is interested in traveling to conferences, conventions and expos but aware that these things cost money? Have you heard of this magical-sounding thing called sponsorship and are you now wondering how you can get you some of that? Well, let’s talk about it!

Showing love to my sponsors post-tour.

Sponsorship isn’t just free money. There’s a whole lot that goes into securing it, negotiating it and making it beneficial for everyone involved- it’s a job! How do I know this? In 2013, just 6 months after launching my site I secured sponsorship for the Superhero Sex Shop Tour – my tour of North America’s best sex shops. It was a huge undertaking and one I could not have pulled off without the help of sponsors.

I know a thing or two about working with sponsors and I want to share that information with you, so on Saturday April 4th at 12pm PST (3pm EST) I’ll be hosting an online workshop on the ins and outs of navigating sponsorship like a professional. I’ll talk about:

  • Finding sponsors.
  • Crafting a professional and persuasive presentation.
  • Offering incentives – You have more to offer than you may know!
  • Following through in a way that reinforces your sponsors confidence in you.
  • Maintaining your relationships.

There will also be time for questions so come prepared with any you may have.

So, if you are interested in getting to the sponsorship game and want to do it right, come on out (to your computer- you don’t have to go far) on Saturday April 4th at 12pm PST (3pm EST) and let’s do some learning!


The workshop will be conducted via Google Hangouts.


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