A Bloody Good Time: Why You Should Be Having Period Sex

Lots of people report feeling randier when Aunt Flow’s in town. Some sources attribute said randiness to increased blood flow in the pelvic region, while others speculate that it results from higher testosterone levels. I say, who cares! If you’re in the mood to fuck, whether that be due to hormones or just regular ‘ol arousal, why deny yourself pleasure? 

Whether it be by yourself or with a partner (or multiple, if that’s your thing), screwing on your period can be beneficial beyond getting off for the sake of getting off.

It Can Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Okay, I’ll level with you here: sex in and of itself isn’t a cure for cramps. But great sex? Y’know—toe-curling, bother the neighbors with supremely loud moaning, legs still shaking five minutes after the fact sex—now that can help. More specifically, I’m talkin’ orgasms; the uterine contractions that occur during climax have been said to help relieve menstrual cramps. Orgasms also release happy hormones (AKA endorphins), which can act as a temporary pain reliever so you can save the Midol for working hours (hey, those expenses add up!)

Not only can Os make cramps more bearable, but they may even make your period shorter since the accompanying contractions aid in pushing out your uterine lining faster. While menstruation is nothing to be ashamed of, it certainly isn’t fun, either—a blanket statement, sure, but I feel like I’m not alone here—so why not speed things along and enjoy an orgasm or two to boot! 

And though neither shorter nor less painful periods are guaranteed to go with your O, the trial process ain’t half bad. Even without a pain-relieving, period-shortening impact, is an orgasm ever not worth having?

It Promotes & Shows Body Acceptance

Loving your body (and making love to your body) in all of its different stages is incredibly powerful. However, it can be difficult to feel sexy when you’re bloated and plugged up with cotton. But guess what? You are still sexy! The best way to help yourself realize that fact is to act on your sexual urges during those “unsexy” moments. If you avoid your naughty bits as much as possible when you’re bleeding, you’re unlikely to change any negative associations you may have with your cycle. The more you engage with your body during your period, the more comfortable you’ll be with it. Whether you’re flying solo or helping your partner get their Red Wings, repeatedly getting it on while you’re on the rag will eventually rewire your thoughts and lead to a more positive correlation between menstruation and sexuality. 

For those whose partners have periods, doing the deed mid-menstruation can increase their confidence, demonstrate the depths of your attraction to them, and even bring you closer together as a couple. Case in point: An old lover of mine had a habit of cleaning me up after period sex. As I remained in bed reveling in the afterglow of our passion, he would scurry to the bathroom and return with a wet wipe. It wasn’t a rushed job, either; he took the time to run the wipe across every nook and cranny until I was blood-free. At first, this act made me uncomfortable and self-conscious—though he had just been inside me, having someone interact with my period blood in a non-sexual manner somehow felt much more vulnerable. But vulnerability yields closeness. In addition to feeling vulnerable, I also felt incredibly cared for. And in time, this actually made me feel even more comfortable about having period sex as I knew my menstrual blood didn’t gross him out. 

Showing your partner that you accept them and are still hot for them even in less-than-“ideal” circumstances is a real relationship strengthener IMO. Plus, aren’t you tired of waiting 3-7 days every month to bust a nut?

How to Manage the Mess

Sex is messy, and period sex is often even more so. That doesn’t have to get in the way of a good time, though! There are plenty of ways to bang on your period without recreating the elevator scene from The Shining. 

Screw in the Shower

An obvious solution, sure, but a classic for a reason! Fluids aren’t an ish when you’re in the shower, but lubrication is since water washes vaginal lubrication away. But not lubrication from period blood! Consider your menstrual blood as nature’s second lube of choice and get busy while you suds up. 

Play Another Way

If you or your partner are squeamish about blood, try focusing on a different hole or hot spot to get yourself off while wearing a tampon or menstrual cup to keep the blood at bay. Engage in clitoral and labial stimulation (or both!) while ignoring the vagina itself. Anal is, of course, another option, but you’ll need to do some prep to make that mess-free, too.  

Period-Proof Your Sheets

You’re probably already familiar with the “lay a towel down” method, which works well enough but isn’t foolproof for preventing bloodstains. A larger covering with moisture-resistant properties like a sex throw is a wiser choice. An extensive size is key for heavier flows and rough pounding so that if blood may splatter further than expected, you’ve got the coverage you never knew you needed. And moisture-absorbent properties and inner linings are the only real way to ensure period blood doesn’t soak through to your sheets (or wherever you may be banging). So will a dark-covered towel work? Sure. Maybe. But you and your sheets will be much better off with an upgrade instead.

Spruce Up Your Sex Drawer

If you’re the type of person that dedicates an entire drawer in your bedside table to sex essentials (and you really should be), then vulva-safe wet wipes are a must-have to keep in your arsenal. No matter how you play during period sex, a little blood after the fact is to be expected. Having disposable wipes within reach will come in clutch for getting rid of any residual menstrual mess. 

Just because it’s Shark Week, that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe to go swimming in the waters. Surf the crimson wave and the waves of orgasms simultaneously, and you’ll have a much happier period.

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