Nobessence Seduction Review

Every year I make a sex toy to-do list and set about, well, doing it. Towards the end of 2014 I tweeted that I was pretty close to completing my list and the good folks at Q Toys in Austin, TX (a Superhero Sex Shop, btw) asked if I would like to get a little closer by testing the Nobessence Seduction – hells yeah I did!

First off in a move that should surprise no one I’m going to take a moment to talk about how beautiful this toy is. Nobessence offers several choices when it comes to what kind of wood they make each toy with (Yes, it’s wood. If you have questions about that you will find links to answers here) and my Seduction is Padauk which is gorgeous and rich and (my favorite part) red! Add the reddish hue to the voluptuous curves and you have a freaking bombshell of a toy. Seriously, if this toy were a person, I think it would look like Joan from Mad Men (if you don’t know who that is go watch Mad Men right now. All of it. I’ll wait.)

You totally see it, right?

Approaching the Seduction I figured it would be all about the small end because, well I’ve read other reviews that have referenced “fullness” which isn’t really something I think of as a preference of mine and also the big end has a diameter of 1 7/8″ which is larger than the Tantus Cush (1 3/4″) which I find uncomfortable. So, I set about using the smaller end. Which was… nice. I’m not a huge g-spot person so sometimes it’s just a game of “Where is it? Where is it? There it is!!” It felt fine and I suspected if I got thrusting it would be a lot better but, as I think we’ve covered, I’m a bit of a lazy masturbator.

seductionWhat I did notice was how the Seduction just glides over the skin, how little lube it needed and how, for lack of a better word, sexy the large end felt in my hand. This got me thinking about something Lorax of Sex once told me about how they can use larger steel and glass toys more easily than silicone toys of the same size – because of the lack of friction. This all gave me the push I needed to try the large end.


Yeah, so when other people say “fullness” the sensation that comes over me is an uncomfortable one but I realized it’s just a question of imagining what that word feels like differently. It’s not a packed-full feeling. For me the best way I could put it was that it took the guess-work out of the g-spot thing because, well, it was touching EVERYTHING. Just sitting there, doing nothing, it felt pretty great. Moving it, however, made even me, as g-spot indifferent as I am, freak the hell out.

But wait, there’s more – I am also a big fan of the perineal sponge (Yes, I will keep talking about anatomy beyond the clit and g-spot, there’s a ton of good stuff down there, learn it, love it, live it!) and the size and shape of the Seduction make it easy to stimulate the g-spot and the perineal sponge by simply gripping the handle (small end) and rocking the toy or moving it in a circular motion. Testing this toy led to this realization:

It feels divine. I could (and did) do it for extended periods of time (lately I’ve been exploring sensations rather than racing to orgasm – it results in a lot of really long test sessions.) The thing about using the Seduction for extended periods of time is that it’s made of wood and thus incredibly light. Remember, I’m a lazy masturbator. Typically a few minutes into a session with a dildo I get annoyed at having to do so much work and pull out a high-powered vibrator (I’m not kidding) – that said, even not incredibly lazy people develop hand and wrist fatigue while wielding dildos – but the lightness of the Seduction combined with how much sensation could be derived from simple motions made with the toy in one place mean that I can rock out with this toy for a long time. I don’t even mind – gasp!- thrusting.

I always suspected I’d like the Nobessence dildos but I had no idea how much. The Seduction may be my new favorite (don’t tell my Pure Wand).

Get your Nobessence Seduction from She Vibe (The folks at Q Toys are lovely but they have stopped carrying this product)

Thank you to Q Toys for sending me the Nobessence Seduction q-toys

This product was provided to me free of change in exchange for my honest review. My review policy is simple: I will never lie about liking a product if I don’t (in fact I probably won’t even write about it) but when I do like something it’s hard to get me to shut up about it.

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