Mature Content: Sex It Up Like A Senior

Like a fine wine, sex gets better with age. Why would you want to make love like you’re young again when you could draw on your years of erotic wisdom instead? No matter your real age, Liberator positioning Shapes will have you screwing like you’ve got 1000 years of experience under the belt. 

Bingo Card

The Wedge Ramp Combo provides endless positioning possibilities and seamless transitions between them so you can cross off five new ones in a row with ease. 

Early Bird Special

Old man performing cunnilingus on an old woman who is resting on the Liberator Wedge

The Wedge provides the perfect angle for hours of buffet fun. 

Wheelbarrow Chair

Two old people having sex on the Liberator Ramp

The Ramp makes penetration go so deep you’ll be walking funny for weeks!

The Pacemaker

Geriatric woman handcuffed to the Liberator Talea Spreader Bar while wearing kinky sex accessories

The Talea Spreader Bar positions you for kinky escapades that are sure to get your heart pumping. 

Little Blue Pill

Senior couple having sex using the Liberator Lift and Liberator Ramp

The Lift gives your favorite Liberator Shapes an instant erection for heightened excitement.

It’s high time that we retire the notion that youth translates to better sex and start proudly shaking what our grandmamas gave us!

Bring your pleasure higher: Explore our classic positioning pillows and erotic accessories.

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