Episode 52: Sex Fantasies Around The World

Do people from different cultures have different sexual fantasies? Or are there common threads that run through our fantasy worlds? As someone who studies fantasies, these are questions that have long interested me—and now I have some answers!

During my recent study abroad course on sex and culture in Amsterdam, I met the author of the largest study of erotic fantasies in the Netherlands. He traveled to festivals with a caravan and interviewed hundreds of people about their sexual turn-ons. Needless to say, I had to do a podcast with him!

My guest today is Lucas De Man, an artist, TV host, and CEO of the company New Heroes. In collaboration with psychologist Mariëlle de Goede, he published a book titled Yes, Please! about his work on Dutch sex fantasies, which they are currently expanding to include a worldwide audience.

Some of the topics we explore in this episode include:

  • How do you get people to open up about their sexual fantasies during an interview? And how can you be sure they’re being honest?
  • What do our sexual fantasies tell us about ourselves?
  • How are sexual fantasies similar around the world? How are they different?
  • Why do Americans seem to be more into cuckolding than Europeans?
  • Where do our sexual fantasies come from?
  • What happens when celebrities share their sexual fantasies in front of a live audience? How do you get them to open up, and how does the audience typically respond?

Learn more about Lucas here.

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