Episode 49: Divorce Sucks – How To Move On After Breakup

Divorce sucks. It can suck away your time and energy, your money, and, in some cases, even your will to live. So is there anything you can do to “divorce-proof” your relationship and avoid this kind of pain? And if you’re going through a divorce, how do you put the pieces back together and move forward in a healthy way?

For the answers, I spoke with Dr. Patrick Markey, a Professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences at Villanova University. He is co-author of the new book F*ck Divorce: A Science Based Guide to Piecing Yourself Back Together After Your Life Implodes. We talked all about Patrick’s new book and dug into some of his fascinating research on human sexuality.

Some of the topics we explore in this episode include:

  • How do you cope with the stress of divorce and breakup? What should (and shouldn’t) you do?
  • How do you most effectively support a friend or family member who is going through a divorce?
  • When should you stay on good terms with an ex vs. cut them out of your life completely?
  • How do you navigate divorce where there are kids in the picture?
  • When is the right time to get back on the dating scene, and how do you start over in a healthy way?
  • What can you do to reduce the risk of future divorce?
  • How does our interest in sex change throughout the year? Why is sexual desire seasonal?
  • How do our sexual interests change following political elections? (This is fascinating!)

To learn more about Patrick and his work, follow him on Twitter @patmarkey and check out his new book co-authored with Dr. Erica Slotter, F*ck Divorce.

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