Raunchy Resolutions: Bad Sex Habits to Leave in 2021

Many of us like to start the new year by making promises to improve our lives through healthy habits and decisions, so why not apply those same good vibes to our sex lives? Make 2022 your best year of sex yet with these nude year resolutions!

No More: Faking Orgasms

Listen, I get it—there are certain situations where faking an orgasm is tempting, and I’m guilty of committing this particular sex snafu a few times myself, but absolutely nobody wins when someone fakes an orgasm. Orgasm acting performances may seem like a white lie, but they often wreak havoc on your sex life in one way or another. Case in point:

Hypothetical “Faking It” Scenario:
Your partner isn’t doing what you need them to in order for you to reach orgasm, but you can tell they’re putting in the work to get you there, and you want to reward their efforts. Enter the fake climax.

Why you SHOULDN’T Fake It:
Pretending your lover’s actions have done the magic trick will condition them to repeat those same moves when they’re trying to make you cum, creating a cycle of unfulfillment. And once that cycle has begun, it will be a hell of a lot more awkward to tell them down the line that you’ve been faking it the whole time rather than speaking up in the moment.

Instead, communicate what you need to get your nut! Want them to move a little bit to the left? Tell them! And not just with moans and body language. People aren’t mind readers, so it’s on you to help them help you reach the big O. I promise you the right partners won’t be offended at the direction, but grateful for receiving pointers!  

Even if you fake it with the best intentions, you’ll be doing yourself and your partner a disservice in the end. Opt for open and honest communication instead, and you’ll have a happier, healthier sex life with more real orgasms!

No More: Penis Size-Shaming

While the body positivity movement has come a long way in recent years, society’s stance on accepting people’s bodies sans-judgment is far less progressive when it comes to dick size. From small dicks being a punchline or insult to trending phrases like “Big Dick Energy” that glorify colossal cocks, there’s a lot of pressure on men to be packing. 

This judgemental attitude doesn’t only take a toll on men’s mental health, but it also implies that sex with small penises is unsatisfying, which is simply untrue! Though the saying “it’s the motion of the ocean, not the size of the wave” may be a cliche, its sentiment has legs—technique and connection are a far better barometer for how orgasmic an encounter will be than the size of someone’s genitals. Think about it—having a large tongue doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an oral sex superstar; you have to know how to use it! 

And even if you are a self-proclaimed Size Queen/King, there are plenty of ways to still get the stretch and reach you crave while partnered with smaller johnsons. The right position (paired with the right positioning aid) can create a tighter fit, while cock sheaths and extenders bring added girth and length to the wearer for a quick and effective size boost. 

No More: Hating On “Vanilla” Sex

Ever since the release of “50 Shades Of Grey”, kink has entered the conversation in a big way and lost much of the stigma once associated with it—which is great! However, somewhere between now and then, so-called “vanilla” sex started getting a bad rep. Suddenly, if you were doing it missionary style or using the term “making love,” both you and your sex life were deemed boring by the internet. In the same vein where society has come to accept kink, there needs to be a larger effort to accept all types of (legal) fucking, traditional and romantic romps included.   

If you err on the vanilla side, embrace it! Don’t feel pressured to try a bunch of kinky shit that scares you. There are plenty of ways to enhance your sex life and spice things up while staying true to your carnal core. Good sex is about both parties enjoying it, not how “wild” things get or crossing acts off a sexual bucket list, so relax and enjoy yourself, however that may be! And for my fellow kinksters out there spreading hate on more traditional sex: put your ball gag back in and shut up. 

You don’t have to wait for the ball to drop to drop these shitty sex habits—resolve to improve your bedroom attitudes and antics now so your sex life can start poppin’ ASAP! After all, there are still plenty of midnight kisses to be had before December 31st, so you might as well make improvements immediately so you’ll really have something to toast about come New Year’s Eve.

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