Prior Two (#1) –

Most of the first-choice pictures from August 2017 were presented in single-photo posts, so we’ll pair up the last two sets of outtakes for the sake of efficiency. The originals from these two ideas were published in color, and we’ll flip from the black and white originals for next week’s duo. Coincidentally, both of these were the first photos shot in the sequence. This is clear in the top photo, as the evening’s first Jack and ginger had yet to make its way to my left hand. In the bottom photo (so to speak), I’d yet to start “posing,” if that’s even the proper term for showing your bare back to the camera.

As we mentioned in a Twitter reply last night, we’re currently 800 miles apart, and we have been for nine long days. Fortunately, the reason is a happy one (grandson number two!), but we are really, really missing each other! ~C

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