2021 Year in Sex Review

♫ Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear. Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure, measure a year? How about seeeeex? ♫

What, no Rent fans in the room? Then you don’t get a fun blog intro. Without further ado, here are a few notable moments in sex from 2021.

A Pioneer Passes

On June 24th, renowned sex toy inventor Dave Lampert passed away at the age of 90. In 1983, Lampert introduced sex machines to the world with his invention of the Sybian, the very first ride-on, saddle-style vibrator. Originally named the “Master Better,” the fuck machine was eventually rebranded as Sybian, a name now widely recognized in the sex toy industry. Prior to entering the biz, Lampert and his wife Sandra were ballroom dancing instructors before they ultimately began helping women dance in an entirely new way. Lampert, who was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from AVN in 2016, was highly respected in the adult industry, and we all now mourn the loss of one of the greats. Here’s to you, Dave–may you be riding high in heaven!

Porn Platform Betrayal

OnlyFans Logo

In August, OnlyFans, a content subscription social media platform, announced that a ban on sexually explicit content would commence in October of 2021. This news came as quite a shock considering the site had essentially become synonymous with pornography and left many sex workers in a panic. The announcement was met with swift backlash–as a company that arguably rose to its height thanks to sex workers, the content ban was understandably seen by many as a betrayal of its users and fanbase. OnlyFans’ founder and CEO Tim Stokely blamed the controversial decision on banking companies, stating that sexually explicit content posed “reputational risk and [caused banks to] refuse [OnlyFans’] business.”

Clearly, this supposed financial issue wasn’t as big of a problem as the company claimed, seeing as how OnlyFans reversed their decision to impose a sexually explicit content ban the very same month that they had announced the proposed plan. Though the company did eventually make the right call, the damage was already done, and many content creators switched to other platforms that hadn’t broken their trust. Fool me once, OnlyFans!

Exhibitionist Gorilla Shows Off Their Throat Game

In September, a loving gorilla couple at New York City’s Bronx Zoo went viral after their sex tape got leaked, which was recorded without their consent by a Zoo visitor. The short clip shows one gorilla going down on their partner as a gaggle of onlookers gawk and try to shield their children’s eyes as if the GORILLAS are the ones being rude! You can’t Truman Show a couple, watch their every move, and not expect to see some freaky shit eventually. Gorillas have needs, too. 

Sex Toys Get Safer

Product regulations are imperative to consumers’ health and safety, but these standardizations, unfortunately, haven’t been set across all industries, including the sex toy industry—until now. Enter the International Standards Organization (ISO), a non-profit that devises and publishes such standards across a wide variety of industries. In October 2021, ISO published a set of “design and safety requirements for products in direct contact with genitalia, the anus, or both.” These guidelines are the first of their kind for the sex toy industry. 

While pleasure product manufacturers aren’t required by law to adhere to the ISO’s standards, they cannot receive ISO certification without doing so. Though this isn’t a perfect solution to shitty sex toy sellers (every industry has its bad guys!), it’s a step in the right direction and a huge win for both responsible erotic retailers and their customers. 

Saucy Celeb Collabs

Today’s celebrities are seemingly always expanding their careers with new professional titles—actors become actors/models, which then become actors/models/musicians, and so on and so forth. In 2021, the new / to add was adult-oriented! At least for actor/musician/podcast host Demi Lovato and rapper/reality TV star Cardi B. 

In November, Demi Lovato partnered up with feminist porn company (/sex toy retailer), Bellesa, to launch The Demi Wand vibrator. When announcing the collaboration on their podcast, ‘4D with Demi Lovato,’ Lovato stated, “There is nothing more empowering than taking pleasure into your own hands. We have spent far too long pretending we are not sexual beings – it’s time for us to put this stigma to rest. We are all deserving of pleasure. We are all deserving of orgasms.” True that, Demi!

In December, Playboy announced that Cardi B. would be the first to hold the title of Creative Director in Residence/Founding Creative Director. In addition to providing creative direction, Cardi helped Playboy found their creator-led porn platform, Centerfold. How fun/exciting!

People Are Still Fucking in N.Y.C.

Even if you’re not a fan of Carrie and her crew, it’s undeniable that the hit HBO show “Sex and the City” made a big impact on the sex industry. The iconic 90s dramedy made sex a part of the conversation during a time when the topic was largely considered taboo and has even been attributed to boosting the popularity of rabbit-style vibrators

And now, just like that, it’s back—for a ten-episode stint, at least. The revival, “And Just Like That…” follows the original series’ main characters—sadly excluding everyone’s favorite proud slut, Samantha Jones—as they navigate their 50s, sex, and the city. Or something like that—just go watch it if you wanna know the plot; I’m anti-spoilers, and there is plenty to spoil in this drama-packed miniseries.


A Big Year for Liberator

New products, new fabrics, and even a new Halloween tradition; it’s safe to say the Liberator office was quite busy throughout 2021!

Liberator Faux Lambskin Wedge Ramp Combo

Fabrics to Fawn Over

Two of our most coveted Shapes, the Talea Spreader Bar and Wedge Ramp Combo, underwent luxe makeovers with special edition versions featuring sleek fabric offerings. The Special Edition Komodo Talea Spreader Bar was launched in May, featuring a shiny cover with a reptilian-inspired pattern. That same month, we unveiled the Faux Lambskin Wedge Ramp Combo, the sides decorated with supple faux lambskin while the front and backing maintain our patented interlocking fabric that keeps the Shapes together during play. 

An Old Shape Returns

In August, the Humphrey Sex Toy Pillow came out of retirement and back into production, much to fans’ delight. An innovative improvement on a classic masturbation staple, the Humphrey Pillow lets you hump and grind as you did in the old days while enjoying your favorite adult toys! 

Penises Play Dress-Up

This past Cocktober, Liberator held its first annual Halloweiner Costume Contest! The rules were simple: dress up your junk in a Halloween costume for the chance to win big (First Place received a $500 gift card to our website). The results were phenomenal, and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next year!

A Lusty Trio Launches

In November, we launched the newest addition to the Liberator fam: the Wedge Ramp Threesome. The saucy set includes a Wedge, Ramp, and shorter Ramp that create a bevy of positioning possibilities for off-the-bed fun.

♫ Measure in sex. Seasons of sex! ♫ 

(That was a Rent callback.)

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