Reindeer Games: Creative Ways to Play & Get Laid

The holiday season is a prime time for getting it on—spirits are high, body heat is warmly appreciated, and everything just feels a little bit more special. Though you don’t have to do much to tap into this festive energy, subscribing to a theme tends to up the ante and experience. Think about it—doesn’t mulled wine hit differently than your standard glass of vino during the winter months? And this concept works just as well when applied to sex! No matter what holiday you celebrate, these holly, jolly erotic activities are sure to make your bedroom merry and bright.  


With Chanukah being over, your dreidels probably aren’t getting much action right now. Why not repurpose them as sex dice for some horny Hebrew action, then? It’s what Moses would have wanted. All you’ll need is two dreidels, some paper, scissors, double-sided tape or glue, a writing utensil, and the assent to mildly disrespect the traditions of your people (just put aside your Jewish guilt for the evening, okay?)

To start your adult-oriented arts and crafts project, cut out eight paper squares the same size or slightly smaller than the sides of your dreidels. Write action words (think “suck,” “kiss,” “nibble,” and “caress”) on half of your squares and four body parts (like “thighs,” “nipples,” “ass,” and “genitals”—okay, maybe a sexier word than genitals? You catch my drift, though—on the others. 

Once your laid-els are dry and ready, take turns spinning both and following the instructions they land on until you’re ready for full-on schtupping!


Deliberately soft and slow touches are a surefire way to build arousal quickly, and this type of erotic teasing only gets hotter when you experiment with different objects for varied sensations. While it’s hard to compete with classic sensation play toys—trust me, I’m now a feather convert—bringing a few holiday-centric items into the mix will add a fun, festive element to your holiday romps.    

Take a look at all the holiday decorations and gift wrapping accessories you have laying around through a freaky lens, and I promise it won’t take long for new creative uses to take hold in your mind. For instance, you could caress your lover with satin bows, tickle with tinsel garlands, or place metal ornaments against their nipples to produce erotic chills.  

If you’re looking for a little extra kink, place a blindfold over the recipient’s eyes before playing. Obstructing sight will heighten the other senses, allowing them to focus on the sensations at hand fully. 

Naughty Or Nice?

If you want to have yourself a kinky little Christmas, then this simple sex game with serious consequences will be right up your chimney. First, pick out two sex toys—one made for funishment and the other for straight-up filthy fun—then gather two identical stockings that are large enough to conceal each toy fully. 

The Dom(me) will then place the toys in separate stockings and mix them up behind their back, being sure to do so enough times to where it’s impossible to guess which stocking is naughty and which is nice. 

The submissive, standing as far away from the Dom/me as possible to minimize the chance of discerning the difference in toys based on shape (or use a blindfold if you prefer!), must now select one of these stockings. After they’ve picked their poison or present (depending upon the chosen stocking), the Dom/me will make the big reveal, pulling out whichever item the sub will soon be stuffed or slapped with.

Gingerbread Spouse

Building gingerbread houses is a cute bonding activity, but the tummy ache afterward is less so. Cut your sugar intake in half and double your fun by creating a gingerboo instead! First, grab some icing and start decorating your partner with it, paying special attention to food-safe erogenous zones, then strategically place your favorite candies on their frosted body. Once your gingerbread bae is fully baked, slowly lick off all the tasty tweets before devouring them whole.

While there’s never a bad time to spice up your sex life, it’s hard to find a better one to do so than during the holidays. By tapping into the spirit of the season during your bedroom celebrations, you can bring that holiday cheer to your nether regions, too.

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