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Hello! First of all, we want to apologize for our lack of a post last weekend. We’d spent the week visiting our grandsons and flew home late Saturday night. It never occurred to us how badly the change to daylight saving time would affect us — We’d already lost an hour, traveling from Central time back to Eastern, then lost another one by setting our clocks ahead. We slept horribly late on Sunday and then still had to compress our standard weekend chores into one day. Yikes. But hey, grandsons, right?

These will be the last of the outtakes from September of 2017, which offer two very different views of the same outfit. We’d wanted to publish the bottom one (pun absolutely intended) in color, but the overhead light was just too punishing with its yellow tint. There was nothing we could do to approach the warm light we achieved with the top one, so we gave up. Hope y’all are doing well and excited for Spring! I know we are. ~C

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