Touch Lubricant Warming System & My Relationship With Lube

I’ve been aware of the Touch Lubricant Warming System for quite some time and I’ll admit, I was skeptical (you’ll find out why in a minute) but then, on my last trip to Toronto, I got to see it in action and realized this could be something I was seriously into so when the lovely folks at Betty’s Toy Box offered to send me one, I was thrilled. Then something funny happened, trying out this product got me thinking about lube and my relationship with it. So, let’s look at that!

Lube and I have a long and storied history. From when younger JoEllen had no idea lube existed (or more accurately, thought it existed for people with something “wrong” with them, not “normal” folks- in case it’s not obvious, that is very incorrect!) to the time in 2012 when I received some much-needed lube education from the folks at my local sex shop, to modern day JoEllen who keeps at least 4 different lubes accessible at all times and is eager to explain why and what they are all good for. The one thing that stayed the same throughout all this (or at least from the 2012 incident on) was my quest for aesthetically pleasing, easily accessible lube storage and dispensing.

In the beginning

Two brown plastic pump bottles and one small clear uberlube pump bottle

This was a couple of years in, when I had grown to two bottles + uberlube

In 2012 I wrote about the nightstand set-up I had going on. At that point I kept one lube on the nightstand and put it into a large-ish pump bottle (which, if memory serves, was repurposed after I used all the Wen shampoo that came in it). I liked this set up so much that I eventually had two of those pumps (one filled with Sliquid Organics Gel, the other with Sliquid Organics Silk)  and one additional glass pump bottle of Überlube (because they are smart enough to package lube that way). This set up was nice but not without its flaws. For example, there’s a reason many lubes don’t come in pump bottles. It’s because the pump can expose the product to air and lead it to, for lack of a better way to put this, go bad. Because my pump bottles were pretty big I learned this the hard way when I tried to fill them up only to end up with lube that started to look, feel, and smell funky. Clearly, I needed a new solution.

Then we evolved

two silver automatic soap dispensers and a small glass pump bottle of uberlube

I don’t have great pictures of this set-up, probably because it didn’t last

In 2016 I took a cue from several of my colleagues and tried using automatic soap dispensers, the type that you wave a hand under and it squirts stuff right into your hand. I really wanted this to work but I ran into a couple of problems. First off, my small bedroom and closely placed furniture resulted in me being awakened one night but a stream of lube being dispensed onto my pillow which had been pushed over towards my nightstand and triggered the sensor. Then there was an issue that I suspect was caused by me buying really cheap dispensers that I clearly got a “two for one” deal on: they clogged up almost immediately. I spent way more time cleaning the dispensers out and trying to keep them functioning than I ever did using them. I ended up picking up a couple of small, glass pump bottles and using them instead (yes, the exposure to air thing was still an issue but now they held less lube and kept it a bit more protected than the big plastic pumps). This was not the ideal solution but it would do…

Then the Touch arrived

Then along came the Touch Lubricant Warming System. Brought to you by the same folks who made Warm (the toy warmer that is by no means necessary but so lovely that I still kind of want one.) It is a product that I file under the heading “Things that make life nicer”. An automated dispensing system that warms personal lubricants and massage oils, it’s compatible with all LIQUID lubes and oils (you’ll understand my need for capitalization in a minute or two), utilizes laser activated automatic dispensing, holds 4oz at a time, offers 3 different dispense settings, heats within 2 minutes and features guide-lighting for ease-of-use any time of day, a unique design with easy-to-fill tank, stabilized base, non-skid bottom, a washable drip-tray and a one-hour safety auto-off… I’m kind of obsessed with the Touch.

Why I am so into the Touch


So, I really like the look of the Touch. This is actually surprising as I decorate in a manner my brother has repeatedly described as “hippie bordello” and the sleek, modern Touch doesn’t, by its nature, really fit with my whole boho boudoir situation but I like that it is visually interesting and, unlike similar products (or even just soap dispensers)that have a bit of a utilitarian/institutional look, it’s a bit sexy. Also, TBH, I love the geeky boys and it made one of my partners immediately exclaim “It’s like lube Stargate!”

two image collage. On the left a large round stone gate with lights. On the right the oval shaped Touch with its lights on

tbh, he is not wrong…


I like that you can turn the Touch off (there’s a button for that) so there’s no accidental lube dispensing. I like that you can choose the amount that comes out (another button allows users to select one of 3 pre-set amount and there are lights that let you know which amount you have selected). And I LOVE that its round design make its so you have to intentionally use it (avoiding the accidental lube dispensing) while still managing to be super- easy to use. I feel like that was a convoluted point but what I mean is that the folks behind the Touch clearly put a lot of thought into designing a product that is user-friendly and not complicated to use while building in fail-safes to prevent the problems that can arise with automation. Also, there are lights which are both functional and cool looking!

Customer Service

Okay, I have to come clean: I messed up when I first got my Touch. The instructions are SUPER clear (seriously, this thing comes with some incredibly well-thought-out instructions) and do mention using liquids rather than creams or thicker products but I, for some reason, did not think to apply that to my beloved Sliquid Organics Gel (don’t be like me, pay closer attention). I went through the whole (easy) set up process but immediately noticed that I was not getting the warm, smooth, sexy stream of lube I had experienced when I tried the Touch in a shop. Instead it seemed like the Touch was struggling to dispense anything and then spitting out some foam. I reached out to the manufacturer and got the sweetest, most helpful reply. After emptying my Touch, cleaning it out (a surprisingly easy process), and refilling it with silicone lube, it was smooth sailing! I was left thoroughly impressed by how kind, responsive, and willing to help (even someone who basically screwed it up by not paying attention) the manufacturers were. It was good stuff.

Sensuality AND Comfort

What I like about using the Touch is how sensual it makes everything feel. I tend to layer my lube– a base of silicone followed by a thicker water-based (try it! I find it comfier than just using silicone but because of the base layer you don’t dry out between applications) so having the first layer all warm just feels amazing. It’s super-comfortable in a very sexy way.

Final Verdict

Is this a necessary item? No! But it is really cool and I think a lot of folks would enjoy the hell out of it. Also, I know we are still at the tail end of summer but I have to mention that for folks who want to buy sex stuff for partners during the holidays, something like this– that doesn’t require you to predict what will work for their body AND feels sexy and luxurious– is an ideal pick.

The Touch Lubricant Warming System retails for $119.00 and you can get yours at Betty’s Toy Box!

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Touch Lubricant Warming System to test!


This product was provided to me free of change in exchange for my honest review. My review policy is simple: I will never lie about liking a product if I don’t (in fact I probably won’t even write about it) but when I do like something it’s hard to get me to shut up about it.

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