Beneath the Tripod –

Good evening! Well, guys, the next three huge photo archives in chronological order from where we left off in September 2017 have already been mined for outtakes at least once over — The photos from my 30th class reunion trip, the amazing series with Scarlett, and the Captain Phasma images filled so many posts that they ruled our blog all the way into late February of 2018. Not to worry, though, because for every archive that has been examined, Holden is constantly finding ones that we missed. Take the above, for instance. These were taken on the floor of our TV room as he set up for pictures we took of us together on a fluffy blanket, and obviously were never meant to be seen. They’re sexy and fun, though, and a great peek into the process. And by the way, I’m as diligent as anyone about editing scars and moles and other skin imperfections, but sex bruises stay as they are. ~C

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