What Sex Position Should You Try Tonight? An Interactive Quiz

Pick your sex mood and go-to position to find a new way to get down that appeals to your erotic preferences! Not in the mood to play? Keep scrolling for the full list of positions!

Check out all of the romantic, kinky, and adventurous sex position quiz results below!

Romantic Sex Positions

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday recreates the warmth and closeness of spooning and turns it carnal for a truly intimate encounter. This position also provides the receiver with external stimulation without them or their partner having to apply it manually. Lazy Sunday also helps the giver deliver powerful thrusts when they hold on to the Whirl and use it for leverage.

Wine & Dine

Romantic 69 oral sex position using the Liberator Esse

Wine & Dine allows lovers to bond over simultaneous oral bliss while alleviating some of the pitfalls that come with standard 69. By kneeling on the head of the Esse, the top gives their partner some breathing room and prevents uncomfortable squashing. The Esse also makes oral easier on the top by lifting the bottom’s pelvis, mitigating neck strain.

Planets Align

Romantic anal sex position using the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount

Missionary is a classic choice for those who prefer romantic romps and with good reason! The sex position staple is ideal for gazing into your lover’s eyes as you connect physically. Planets Align improves upon standard missionary style by boosting the receiver’s bottom for a consequent boost in depth. 


Romantic standing sex position using the Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

Standing and doggy aren’t positions typically associated with romance, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of being romantic! Titanic sets the scene for elevated intimacy by freeing both partners’ hands to caress each other lovingly. For those who require clit stimulation to get off (which applies to most vulva owners, TBH), the magic of the Axis is sure to have them flying high. 

Kinky Sex Positions

Behind Enemy Lines

Doggy style bondage sex position using the Liberator Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo

It can be challenging to apply restraint play during on-your-knees doggy, but not when the Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo is involved! The Ramp features cuff connectors at both the top and bottom of the Shape, so you can employ as much bondage fun as you want without the sub having to lay down plank style. Behind Enemy Lines also offers comfy body support so your session can last longer without the sub suffering from wobbly knee syndrome. 

Daily Ration

Kinky oral sex position using the Liberator Black Label Esse

Daily Ration is the ideal oral sex position for those who love power play as it enhances the mindset of both partners’ roles physically AND mentally. Sitting atop the Black Label Esse like a throne will make the dom feel like royalty, while the headrest boosts their pelvis up so that the sub has easier access to their meal. Being on all fours adds an element of humiliation for the submissive, all while enjoying the eroticism of bondage. 

Stockholm Syndrome

Kinky bondage sex position using the Liberator Black Label Ramp

Stockholm Syndrome is the perfect position for kidnapping roleplay as it feels almost like the dom is literally carrying the bound sub away, all the while taking them forcefully. With the submissive’s bottom hoisted up, the dominant is free to plow their captive mercilessly. 

The Butterfly Catcher

Bondage hogtie sex position using the Liberator Talea Spreader Bar

Who says a hogtie can’t be comfy?! Well, comfier–submissives may feel a smidge of pain or strain while doing The Butterfly Catcher, but most of them are into that anyways. The Talea Spreader Bar makes getting into the hogtie position quick and easy, all the while protecting kinksters from the cold, hard feel of metal. 

Adventurous Sex Positions

Rock The Boat

Doggystyle sex position using the Liberator Jaz Motion

Rock The Boat is a sexy balancing act with a major payoff for those who accept the challenge. The Jaz Motion’s curved end enhances thrusting power as lovers make the most of its rolling movements to push against each other faster and with more intensity. The penetrating partner can help the bottom maintain stability by holding onto their hips or gripping their hair. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all! 

The Dizzy Lollipop

Oral sex position using the Liberator Wedge Ramp Threesome

Upside-down oral may be difficult to pull off, but once you’ve mastered the move, it will turn your sex life upside down, too (in the best way possible, of course). The entry angle places bodies in the prime position for deepthroating, while the giver’s exposed neck allows the receiver to marvel at the erotic sight of “throat bulging.” The receiver also has easy access to the giver’s chest so they can give the gift of nipple play (which is a win-win present, TBH). Not only does The Dizzy Lollipop provide extra visual and physical stimulation to BJs, but it’s also a really cool party trick!


Cowgirl sex position using the Liberator Esse Chaise II

While Loverage isn’t technically a face-to-face sex position, it does place partners’ bodies facing each other, producing similar sensations, so I’m counting it. Much like the spinning teacups at Magic Rodent World (I’m not tryna get sued, but you know exactly which theme park I’m referring to), the speed and intensity of your ride lie almost wholly in your hands. An exciting and experimental position for power tops, Loverage allows them to control the lay by using their partner’s arms for leverage. 

The Lawnmower

Standing doggy sex position using the Liberator Hipster

The Lawnmower expertly combines fitness and fucking for a strength-training activity you can’t find at your local gym. To start, the bottom partner should rest their forearms on the Hipster for comfy support, while the standing partner lifts their lower body so that holes and poles line up. The bottom party will then wrap their legs around their partner, doing Kegels while they’re being filled—might as well since you’re already doing erotic workouts! See how long you can make a rep last! If your bod doesn’t already harness the strength of a Greek god/dess, it will by the time you master The Lawnmower

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