Liberator Whirl Sex Positioning Bolster

Liberator Whirl Sex Positioning Bolster

Don’t let this innocuous cylinder fool you. The Whirl can be your best-kept secret while hiding in plain site in the bedroom. Designed for blending seamlessly into your bedroom and home decor, you might not have given it a second look.

The firm foam insert makes this sexual positioning bolster one of our best-sellers. Strong enough to fully support your bodies, the Liberator Whirl provides ample lift and access making sexual positioning seem like second nature. Great for couples who need a little extra boost in the lovemaking department, this Shape offers the right about of movement for missionary and from-behind sexual positions and oral sex positions.

Ideal for any couple, the Liberator Whirl can sit out in the open without drawing suspicion that it’s a piece of sex furniture. Leave it out in the open and no one is the wiser.

Before taking this Shape for a spin, check out the Liberator Whirl Sex Positioning Guide Below.

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