Let’s Talk About Gorgeous AFFORDABLE Silicone

I first got a look at Blush Novelties’ Avant line of silicone dildos last January at ANME and I’ll admit, I was smitten. I restrained myself though as I tend to be something of a dildo materialist: I want ALL the pretty ones even though, in actuality, I don’t really use dildos. I did, however, still eye them from afar. So, when Peepshow Toys asked if I’d like to try a piece from the new Pride line of Avant dildos and plugs, I leapt at the chance.

So, what’s the deal with the original Avant dildos? In the simplest terms, they are silky silicone dildos in nonrepresentational shapes and really fun color schemes with reasonably accessible price points. Okay, so then what’s the deal with the Avant Pride pieces? Same EXCEPT there are now butt plugs as well as dildos, there is one semi-realistic shape (in case you, like me, love a good frenulum), the prices are EVEN MORE reasonable (more on that in a minute), and the color schemes of each toy represent those of various pride flags!

This has not been confirmed by the manufacturer but it sure seems like what’s happening.

I opted for the P3 Beauty, the sexy little red one with a lovely frenulum/cock head thing going on. Frankly, I love this thing! It is satiny smooth, the shape is splendid, and I love the color scheme (which I now know represents the Lesbian Pride flag) – basically it’s the “reddest” one. It also has a strong suction cup base, is harness compatible, and at 5.5 inches long (5 inches insertable) and 1.25 inches wide, it’s a unique size- not too big, not too small.

If I HAD to have a quibble about the P3 it would be a reach and it would more be a critique of the sexy toy world: This piece is labelled “petite” and I definitely looked at it and thought “so cute and little!” (and frankly, having well-endowed partners didn’t help this) but the measurements are actually completely within average penis size range. I guess my quibble is that calling this toy “petite” feeds into the whole “everyone has a bigger dick than you!” pressure. That said, in relation to other dildos, its small. So, maybe this is more an issue I have with the toy world in general?

The other toys in the Pride line includes two g-spot dildos (P1 and P2) as well as three butt plugs (P4, P5, & P6). They are all made with the same lovely silicone. It’s got a matte finish but doesn’t seem to do that harsh skin-dragging thing that many matte silicone toys do. I keep referring to it as “satiny” and that feels accurate to me.


One of my favorite things about the Avant Pride line is actually the least obvious. Sure I love the toys themselves and the spirit of the line but at the end of the day, I’m super-excited the price points. Each of the three dildos clocks in at $30 and the plugs range in price from $26 to $30. I have long believed that if we are going to preach the gospel of body safety, we’d better be sure to have quality choices that are accessible and I love being able to recommend a $30 silicone dildo that doesn’t feel cheap. Everyone deserves quality toys and this line delivers them in an accessible way.

The Avant Pride dildos and butt plugs, along with the 6 original Avant dildos are all available at Peepshow Toys. SAVE 10% with code REDHEAD

Thank you to the folks at Peepshow Toys for sending me the Avant Pride P3 Beauty Petite Harness Ready Suction Cup Silicone Dildo to test


I accepted compensation to review this product. The views expressed here are my own. My review policy is simple: I will never lie about liking a product if I don’t but when I do like something it’s hard to get me to shut up about it.

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