The Monster Under The Bed Hits Vancouver

On Saturday April 7th, I had the pleasure of once again presenting on sex and depression. This time I teamed up with the truly wonderful Shadeen Francis, MFT to present Facing The Monster Under The Bed: Navigating Sex and Relationships While Coping With Depression in Vancouver BC. It was a great session with a full, engaged audience. the only thing I could have wished for was more time – 70 minutes goes by fast!- but I feel like that’s always true. A huge thank you to Shadeen for being a wonderful co-present and really, just a wonderful person in general (seriously, almost missed the session because I got so caught up talking to her over breakfast!). You can check out some social media posts from our session below:

During the session we fielded this question: “You mentioned something about strategies for dealing with the sexual side effects, can you say more about that?”

That question was particularly relevant as I was in the midst of creating my newest sex & depression resource with the help of my friends at SheVibe! I meant to have it ready before the session but time got away from me. It’s here now!

The Monster Under The Bed: Products for coping with sexual side effects


After we were done presenting I ran off to explore the sex shops of Vancouver, including one that’s been on The Superhero Sex Shop List for 5 years!:

Then I spent Saturday night in a state that is, by now, pretty familiar for post-speaking JoEllen but still caught me off-guard and, this time, ended up cutting my trip short:

This trip was made possible by the generous support of the folks at SheVibe. I cannot thank them enough for sponsoring this trip and being so supportive of my sex and depression work! I have loved SheVibe as a company for a long, long time and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you definitely should.


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