FTM Packer Review: Mr. Right from Vixen Creations

The author of this FTM packer review has been left anonymous at his request.

I recently had the opportunity of giving the Vixen Creations Mr. Right packer a chance in my pants. To be honest, I’ve never really been all that into packing, mainly because most of the packers I’ve tried in the past were usually either way too big, too unrealistic, or started falling apart after just a month or two of using them. On top of that, as a trans man, I personally have never felt too insecure about having a flat-looking crotch, so after trying a few packers and not being into them, I decided to put my packer quest to rest. Until I was presented with the opportunity to try out Mr. Right, that is.

After acquiring Mr. Right and getting home, I finally had a moment to check this thing out up close. My first thought? Holy balls (and I do mean that literally.) The balls on this thing are pretty big, yet still nice and proportionate to the weenie. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my appreciation of Mr. Right’s intricate details in my FTM packer review, like the bumps covering the ballsack and all of the little folds and stretches of skin that lead up to the penis head. A lot of packers I’ve seen didn’t put a lot of detail in the appearance of the balls, so I was impressed that Vixen Creations really went the extra mile on making sure the entire packer is realistic, and not just the shaft and head. Which, speaking of, feature some very fine detailing themselves—like the circumcised head complete with a tiny urethra hole and a pronounced penile raphe.

For my first time wearing this packing dildo, I decided to put it to the ultimate test by wearing it to the gym. As I was getting dressed before my workout, I surmised that I’d need to wear a jockstrap to keep Mr.Right from falling out of my pants, so that’s what I did. Afterward, I definitely was able to conclude that packing Mr. Right requires either a jockstrap or packing strap/harness to keep it secure—or at the very least some really tight boxers/briefs. But once everything was in order, I’m happy to report that the packer stayed fairly well put throughout my entire workout!

It’s worth noting in this FTM packer review that Mr. Right creates a surely noticeable bulge when placed in its natural position, which would honestly be a great choice for sexy clubbing looks when you’re craving some extra attention. For my purposes, however, I wanted a more subtle effect, so I adjusted it by tucking the weenie a little to the side, which worked quite well for what I was after.

In all honesty, I can’t say I’ll be packing Mr. Right on the daily—like I said, I’m pretty content with being bulge-less. That being said, this guy will definitely come in handy when I want an extra confidence boost at the gym or to spice up my look on date nights.

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