Year of the Doggy Position Guide

According to the Chinese Zodiac, this year goes to the dogs. It is said that the year was determined because of contest involving a dog swimming across a river, in the so-called ‘Great Race.’ Despite being a talented swimmer, the Dog played and frolicked instead. Thus, delaying his reaching the finish line. What can we learn from Man’s Best Friend? That good doggy style is not about the destination but the journey.

Liberator Shapes are perfectly designed for giving you that winning edge. By angling the penis, you can maintain your erection longer without too much effort, as well as keep your doggy paddle up without getting tired too quickly. The Shapes also help free up your form for inspired sexual positioning. Even the ever popular doggy style positions will have an old dog learning new tricks.

Here are some of our favorite doggy style positions.

The classic doggy style position gets a lot more comfortable when you add a Ramp. The receiver can rest easy with full torso support, while the giver uses their body and the Ramp for stability. It is easy to go the distance when having added control.

Doggy Style Positions

One of our favorite doggy style positions is Super Doggy. And when you add a Wedge/Ramp Combo you’re definitely taking it up a notch. Either on a bed or supported by a few Liberator Lifts, this high impact move allows for deeper penetration and freedom of movement to make sure you hit all the right spots.

Doggy Style Positions

Sinking into a mattress can kill your sexual momentum, which is why we like an Equus Wave on the floor. With this position, the receiver is totally comfortable, while the giver can straddle it and use his thighs for powerful thrusts without fighting the bedding.

Doggy Style PositionsGet kinky with your doggy style and cuff your partner to a Black Label Esse. Get them warmed up with a few spankings, and then take pleasure in their captivity as you mount them from behind.

Doggy Style Positions

Doggy doesn’t mean you have to keep it on all fours. For those willing to try something new, this standing position will make you howl in delight. Use the Hipster to keep your arms in place. The curves hug your elbows and the sturdy foam core will keep them from getting injured.

Doggy Style Positions

The Talea Spreader Bar adds a naughty flair for couples looking for a down-and-dirty doggy style. This Shape securely restraints their wrists, ankles, or both at the same time. The added height helps provide better access and deeper penetration.

Doggy Style Positions

Who says the pleasure of receiving doggy has to be limited to women? Anyone can get in on the fun with a strap-on and the Ramp. If you’ve never tried it before, the Ramp provides the perfect amount of stability so you can relax. You’ll also feel completely secure and cradled by the soft cover. It helps everyone feel comfortable and in control. The only thing to keep you busy is finding the perfect rhythm to your moves.

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