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Two more from the same neglected library as last week’s post, with much better color/editing than their predecessors. Images like the one up top are always a pleasure to pose for — I have clean sheets, comfy socks, soft lighting, the works. If it weren’t for the infernal camera clicking and voice directions (love you, honey), I could probably have taken a nap. The bottom (tee hee) photo, not so much. It was a misbegotten attempt to reproduce a professional photo we’d seen, but I couldn’t pull it off. The original post was nude, but I like this one better, since the pose and the lacy boy short makes my butt look shapely.

AND IN OTHER NEWS: H’s book launch is this Friday, May 13! He’s already been interviewed for a popular blog posting, and will be on their email blast, too. This one just might have a shot at reaching a broader audience… ~C

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