The Playground Conference is Back and I Can’t Wait!

In less than a month I’ll be packing my bags and heading to Toronto for the exciting return of the Playground Conference!

Along with Stephen Biggs, I’ll be presenting Keep Giving a Fuck: A Conversation About Prioritizing Sex During Trying Times.

I’m so excited to be going to the Playground! I was delighted when I heard it was coming back (I loved it so much last time I went and was genuinely saddened by its absence), the schedule looks fabulous, it seems that everyday I realize someone else I’m super fond of will be there. I’m also beyond thrilled to be speaking, especially with my favorite partner in crime, Stephen, and knowing the wonderful response this topic received at Woodhull.

I’m also looking forward to spending a couple of days surrounded by people who passionately think, care, talk and do. I’m looking forward to actually seeing the faces behind the avatars I see online and giving real hugs to the folks I “see” through my computer daily but in the flesh rarely. However, my introverted nature and deeply ingrained “don’t bother anyone” instincts sometimes keep me from approaching new folks but if you spot me (it’s easy, look for the hair) I promise I’d love to chat – seriously.


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