Relief Ahead –

Since we’re still stuck within a stretch of withering summer heat, we decided to run a couple more shots from a cold-weather archive (we had a raging fire in the fireplace, just out of frame to the right.) Forecasters promise that we’ll be getting a break next week, though naturally it comes via several lines of potentially dangerous thunderstorms. Anyway, you aren’t here for a weather report, so let’s talk about some little photo details. I’m a big fan of the unplanned assist from the candle holder in the top image, which prevents it from crashing headlong into XXX territory and very nearly keeps it “classy.” I also like the way the candlelight makes my dangly navel ring glow, in the bottom shot, and the equally firm grip I have on both the table and my trusty Lelo. It makes for an honest representation of events! ~C

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