We-Vibe Chorus Review: A Wonderfully Wearable Couples’ Toy

I’d been hankering to try out the We-Vibe Chorus ever since the fateful eve that I learned of its existence—okay, so I can’t actually recall when or where I first heard about the toy, but I do know it’s been on my wishlist for a hot minute. Wearable, app-compatible, and ideal for couples’ play, I was more than eager to see if the Chorus lives up to its stellar reputation once I finally got my hands on the hot pink beauty. 

We-Vibe Chorus Review: First Impressions

Few sex toys are as well-known amongst those outside the pleasure product industry as the We-Vibe Chorus couples’ vibrator, so I knew I’d have to take in every aspect before taking it to pound town. After all, a vibrator this famous deserves as much attention to detail in a review as that that went into its design.

There’s a disappointing number of sex toy manufacturers that don’t put much thought into toy packaging, but We-Vibe definitely isn’t one of them. The We-Vibe Chorus box is a sight to behold, boasting an eyecatching orange-to-pink ombre pattern accompanied by gold detailing and product silhouettes that feel both luxe and modern. Luckily, unboxing the Chorus doesn’t require you to ruin its pretty packaging, thanks to its folding magnetic opening. The inside of the box highlights the toy’s features, getting owners excited to reap the benefits shortly.

The Chorus itself and its matching remote proved no less visually alluring. The soft and enticingly squishy body-safe silicone boasts a show-stopping hot pink hue with a hint of shimmer that appealed to my penchant for Barbie-esque aesthetics. It’s worth noting that the We-Vibe Chorus couples’ vibrator is available in other colors like Cosmic Blue for those who don’t share my affinity for overtly feminine designs. 

We-Vibe Chorus Charging

We-Vibe Chorus Charging Case

The We-Vibe Chorus vibrator has a magnetic charger, which I’m typically not a fan of as they disconnect more easily during a charge than insertable chargers. This isn’t a problem with the Chorus, though, as the magnetic charger is hosted within a charging case that keeps your We-Vibe Chorus in place while it powers up. 

The charging case also doubles as a storage and carrying case, which is particularly convenient for a wearable vibe. The case isn’t tiny by any means, but it’s compact enough to stow away in your standard-sized purse, which is precisely what I did when I took this bad boy out on the town.

Though the We-Vibe Chorus charging/storage case does have a holding spot for the accompanying Squeeze Remote, you’ll need a non-rechargeable CR2032 coin cell battery to power it back up once its original battery runs out. Luckily CR2032 batteries have a super long lifespan—we’re talking over a year depending on the battery brand and frequency of use—so you won’t be S.O.L. when you least expect it, like with most battery-operated sex toys.

My First time Playing With The We-Vibe Chorus Vibrator

The We-Vibe Chorus easily slid inside me without the need for lubrication; not natural nor store-bought, which I see as a plus. Standing and with the Chorus turned off, I was surprised to find that I immediately felt delicious pressure on my G-Spot. However, the sensations did switch up a bit once I sat down—suddenly, the pressure on my G-Spot was too much and somewhat painful. While still seated, I took advantage of the luxury sex toy’s adjustable design to find a better position. The pressure then lessened but was still somewhat uncomfortable. The longer I sat, though, the better the We-Vibe Chorus started to feel. Once again, I soon found that even though the Chorus was turned off, it was turning me on, and I then became eager to power it up and see what the sex toy is really capable of. 

The first thing I did was test out how mild the toy’s lowest vibration setting was. I have a very sensitive clitoris, so much so that I generally keep my panties on when touching myself to lessen the intensity of external stimulation. I can’t speak for the rest of the Sensitive Clit Club, but I’ve personally had lots of trouble finding vibrators with a starting vibration level low enough that it doesn’t overwhelm me. Since the We-Vibe Chorus is a wearable vibrator, I knew I wouldn’t be able to use panties as a barrier, making low vibes my #1 concern. My apprehensions thankfully proved to be unwarranted, though—the lowest vibration level for the We-Vibe Chorus was modest enough for painless direct contact as I waited for my body to catch up with my mind and crave a higher level of rumble (which the Chorus delivered well, too). 

I don’t have the same issues with hypersensitivity with my G-Spot as I do with my clit, so I was elated to discover that the internal and external vibrations could be controlled independently when using the app. With such vibration customization available in both levels and patterns, We-Vibe makes it possible for a wide range of vulva owners to find their perfect rhythm. 

Once I’d personalized my pussy groove settings, I remained seated and indulged in my favorite arousal tool, erotica. Whether using my fingers or a bullet vibrator, I typically run into trouble while trying to stimulate and story browse simultaneously. The wearable nature of the We-Vibe Chorus made it easy to scroll through my sexy stories without losing my vibrator’s perfect placement, making my masturbation sesh more seamless than I’d previously been able to achieve while enjoying porn. 

Hands-free use of the We-Vibe Chorus vibrator got me to my erotic peak but didn’t take me over the edge. All it took for me to cross the finish line, though, was a slight push of the external arm for more pressure on my clit, and BAM! Fireworks. Right then and there, I knew that this was the beginning of a beautiful, long-lasting relationship with a beautiful new toy.

We-Vibe Chorus Setup: Using The We-Vibe Chorus App

While the We-Vibe Chorus could stand alone with its squeeze remote control, the We-Connect app is where much of the toy’s magic happens. That’s how I found my perfect vibrations settings, at least!

How To Connect The We-Vibe Chorus

“How can I connect my Chorus to the We-Vibe app?” is an oft-asked question. The knowledge is important but not so fun to read about, so I’ll spare you from my tendency to wax poetic and give it to you straight and simple. 

  1. Download “We-Connect” on your phone from the app store (duh.)
  2. Make sure your Chorus is connected to its squeeze control remote. Do this by turning your Chorus on and briefly controlling it with the remote. If they aren’t paired, you can do so by putting the Chorus in pairing mode (press and hold the on button until the toy vibrates 2-3 times). You’ll know you’re in pairing mode when the Chorus’s LED light flashes continuously
  3. Open the We-Vibe Connect app while your Chorus is still in pairing mode. The app will give two prompts to connect to Bluetooth, which you must accept.
  4. Click “Connect Toy” and get ready to party!

We-Connect App: Function And Capabilities

We-Vibe Chorus app control panel

Once your Chorus is connected to the app, you’ll be brought to the above control panel. The top waves adjust the clit vibrations while the bottom ones control the G-Spot vibes—simply touch the wave you want and drag it up or down to move the vibrations to a level of your pleasing!

You can quickly switch between patterns by swiping left and right, but you’ll probably want to explore what’s available first by clicking the bottom-right wave icon.

Once you click said wave, you’ll see the screen below where you can explore all the rumbly preset delights available at your fingertips or create your own! Scroll down a tad to access the app’s fun Touch and Beat modes (shown in photo 2).

The We-Connect Touch feature is kinda like Microsoft Paint but for vibrations. When playing with Touch, you’ll be brought to a blank screen where you can draw with your finger, and the Chorus vibrations will mimic the pattern! Beat mode lets you vibe to sounds, either by connecting to a song on your phone or through the microphone so you can groove to the music and noises around you.

Enjoying The We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator With My Partner

Though I personally adore the We-Vibe Chorus for solo sessions, that’s not the vibrator’s intended use. As tempted as I was to selfishly keep the Chorus to myself, I let my boyfriend Brandon enjoy its pervy perks so you can see what the fuss is all about.

Public Play With The We-Vibe Chorus

As an exhibitionist, using the We-Vibe Chorus for public play was what most interested me in trying out the couples’ vibrator and my timing in testing out this exciting feature couldn’t have come at a better time. When my boyfriend showed up on a Friday night to grab drinks at a nearby cocktail lounge he had had a rough day and seemingly had no interest in hiding that fact. Determined to turn Brandon’s frown upside down (and meet my deadline, tbh) I was glad I’d already predetermined I’d be wearing my Chorus when I met him in my condo’s lobby. 

“I’m wearing a surprise,” I told him as we walked down the block to our date night destination. He hiked up one brow waiting for me to further explain—a frequent response to my work-related “surprises”—and I offered my explanation simply by handing him the cute pink remote to put in the pocket of his cranky pants. Once my boyfriend got control of the Chorus, his mood swiftly changed from sour to mischievous. 

Brandon said the We-Vibe Chorus added an element of “prankability” to our evening and it was plain to see how much fun it was for him to power up the toy when I least expected it and use its vibrations as a “bargaining chip” to get me to do what he wanted (DISCLAIMER: this type of play was consensual, no concern necessary!). My boyfriend enjoyed keeping me on my toes while I enjoyed being under his thumb, and by the time we got home I was more than ready to go.

Wearing The We-Vibe Chorus During Sex

Never having tried a wearable couples’ vibe before, I was skeptical about the claim that the Chorus and my man could coexist inside of me. Once again, We-Vibe proved my apprehensions moot. In all honesty, I discovered that using a wearable vibrator during sex simply isn’t my bag. I was so nervous about the toy slipping out as my boo pounded away that I swore I could feel it doing so (can you tell I have anxiety?) and wound up holding the clitoral arm during the deed to prevent said slippage. I recognize that this is more of a me problem than a Chorus problem, though. Different strokes for different folks!

Speaking of, my man had an entirely different take on our Chorus encounter.

Brandon’s Perspective:

When we returned home from our earlier exhibitionist escapades and went to the bedroom to disrobe, I was surprised to see that she was still wearing the We-Vibe Chorus, and at how turned on the visual made me. Similar to my girlfriend, I was skeptical whether the toy would stay put in its rightful place during sex. That concern quickly gave way to a sensation that shifted my consciousness—or perhaps eliminated it entirely—as I took her from behind. The pressure and vibrations that the toy sent to my frenulum (a pleasure zone I’ve only recently learned about) delivered me from thought. 

We-Vibe Chorus vs Sync

If you’re confused about the differences between the We-Vibe Chorus and the We-Vibe Sync, you’re not alone—the products are quite similar! In a nutshell, though, the Chorus is essentially an upgraded version of the Sync. The most notable improvements that make the We-Vibe Chorus a better toy are a thicker G-Spot arm (*heart eye emoji*!), a softer texture, better connectivity (this should be a major deciding factor, ofc), and a “squeeze remote.”

So what is a squeeze remote? Glad you asked. The We-Vibe Chorus couples’ vibrator’s remote lets you increase the toy’s intensity based on grip, vibrating higher when you squeeze it. The feature is pretty darn cool as it lets you effortlessly up the erotic ante when you’re not in the mood to fuss around with an app. And if you compare the above pictures of the Chorus and Sync, the distinction between their remotes is blatant: the We-Vibe Chorus remote is not only more visually appealing but more comfortable to hold.

In terms of luxury sex toys and their pricing (and We-Vibe is def luxurious!), the We-Vibe Chorus is only slightly more expensive than the We-Vibe Sync. You get what you pay for, and if you’re already investing in a We-Vibe wearable vibrator, you might as well get the best that’s out there!

Final Verdict: Is The We-Vibe Chorus Worth It?

Being a Liberator employee means I’m no stranger to sex toys, so my “worth it” deciding factors are likely a bit more particular than the average consumer. The We-Vibe Chorus hit the mark on all my major consideration points: 

  • The vibrations are rumbly rather than buzzy 
  • It’s intuitive to operate (with multiple ways to do so!)
  • The materials are soft, nonporous, body-safe, and easily cleanable
  • It made me cum (this isn’t specific to sex toy enthusiasts, but it is worth reiterating!)

In terms of using the Chorus with a partner, I can’t sing the app-enabled vibrator’s praises enough for spicing up date night with some sneaky foreplay while out and about—it’s truly a great tool for those looking to dip their toes into exhibitionism. While I wasn’t a huge fan of fucking with the We-Vibe Chorus inside me, I can easily see how less anxious individuals (my boyfriend included) would enjoy adding the Chorus to partnered play between the sheets. The most shocking benefit (and my favorite one, in all honesty) was the wearable vibe’s ability to enhance solo sessions with (mostly) hands-free delights.   

After finally exploring all that the We-Vibe Chorus has to offer, I feel it my duty to now spread the couples’ toy’s gospel. If you’ve been on the fence about buying the Chorus, consider this blog review a sign from the orgasm gods to move forward and make room in your bedside table and sex life for this wearable wonder. With fun-natured interactivity, customizable rumbly patterns to explore, and a stimulating om-G-Spot design, you may just find the We-Vibe Chorus to be the answer to your pleasure prayers.

We-Vibe Chorus: Find your vibe.

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