More Megan 7: The Finale –

With these two images, we bring the Megan retrospective to an end. Holden and I have had a great time going back through this folder and enjoying the memories of a delightful evening, though we’re still undecided on what archive to open up for next week. Fortunately, we have several days to figure it out!

For this week, however, we have a sexy image of me (if I do say so myself), while helping Megan out of the last of her clothes. She had one last outfit to try on, for a few more solo shots, and she was brave enough to follow Holden’s suggestion of posing in the doorway of the condo. We were careful to choose one that we could crop to show a smile as she bids farewell, for now. Of course, you’re welcome to imagine that she’s greeting you at the door this way, instead. ? ~C

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