Gearing Up For Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit!

In less than a month I’ll be packing my bags and heading clear across the country to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit. As you may recall, last year’s Summit left quite an impression on me. Have you checked it out yet? Because you totally should! It’s four days of institutes, Tristan Taormino’s Sex Educator Bootcamp (which, btw, is life changing!), workshops, and socializing (um, there’s a freaking pajama party, people!)- it’s pretty amazing. The schedule is kind of blowing my mind and I’m honored to be a part of it. I’m also kind of nervous, I’ve got a pretty full itinerary this year – I’m speaking twice and even hosting a social event. Given that last year’s conference appearances involved me speaking once and then doing a lot of napping, this feels like a big undertaking but I’m excited for it.

Also, folks, I’m excited to see so many of you there! I know I’ve built introversion into my brand and that has, in the past, led to folks thinking I won’t want to talk to them at these events but, by all means, come say hi! Talk to me! I’m friendly dammit!!! Seriously, though, if you spot me (and my hair makes it likely that you’ll spot me first) and I’m being awkward and quiet, I’m not avoiding talking to you, I’m just being me. So, let’s chat!

Now, without further ado, here are all the places you can catch me at #SFS16 and what will be going on at each of them:

Sex Geek Salon with JoEllen Notte – #SFSSalon

I’m getting a lot of questions about this opening night event (and I keep having to correct folks about something) so I’m putting the description in Q & A form!

Okay, so what is the Sex Geek Salon and why does JoEllen keep telling people to not call it “the introvert event”?

It’s a mellow opening night event. Events like the Summit are very exciting but they can also be incredibly overwhelming and opening night events can seem particularly daunting- I know some folks find hiding out in their rooms preferable. How do I know this? Because I’m usually one of those people! That’s why I’m hosting the Sex Geek Salon- a mellow night of sex geek fun. Think less “WOOOO Woodhull!!!” and more “ahhh Woodhull…”. We’ll be hanging out, chatting, coloring, and just getting ready to face the weekend – we’ll even have sex ed books on hand in case you really just want to geek out! There are no structured activities so you can come by whenever you want. Stop in just to say hi, swing by to find a buddy to attend Bedpost Confessions with (we’ll have schedules on-hand so you can find buddies for the whole weekend!), or chill out all evening – it’s pretty laid back.

Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit Salon

I made this handy graphic to spread the word!

Now I get it! But seriously, why do you keep correcting folks who call it “the introvert event”?

Awesome question! I’m so glad you asked! This event isn’t here for just one population- you shouldn’t have to self-identify as something before you get there! Not everyone who wants a quieter start to their Summit will be an introvert and not all the introverts at Woodhull will want to come be mellow with us. Lets be inclusive and ditch the labels.



Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit Navigating

Navigating Social Media Practices for Adult Businesses  – #SFSMedia

I’m teaming up with two of my absolute favorite colleagues (and people) to discuss making smart social media choices that reflect sexual justice as well as good marketing. Metis Black of Tantus, Sandra Bruce of SheVibe and yours truly will be talking about how sex toy manufacturers, retailers, promotion companies, blog reviewers and advocates can do social media right, how they can do it wrong and, maybe even a bit about times we’ve seen each happen- this is bound to be a fun discussion with a lot of practical information!


Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit Monster

Facing The Monster Under The Bed: Continuing The Conversation About Sex and Depression  – #SFSMonster

Last year’s Monster Under The Bed session was such an amazing experience and I’m so excited to be coming back to talk some more about this topic that is so close to my heart. I’m even more excited to be doing it with the brilliant Stephen Biggs! This session will build on the existing conversation with a new focus on relationship dynamics, strategies, and resources to help partners navigate sex and depression together.

A Big, Huge Thank You!

This trip wouldn’t be possible for me without the help of another set of colleagues I adore- the good folks at Doxy! I have made no secret of my love of their product (sometimes I get excited about things and talk about them… a lot) so I was elated when they offered to be my travel sponsor for the Summit. If you are not familiar with Doxy, go check them out. They have had items on favorite toys of the year list for last two years and have even more cool stuff coming. I can’t wait to talk to you about it (and maybe even hand off some cool swag) at Woodhull! Doxy’s products are cool, they are wonderful people and I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate their support. Thank you so much to Doxy for making this trip possible for me!


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