We’re in the Basement – Holden-and-Camille.com

Good evening, everyone! So, we’re finally getting around to doing some serious work on our downstairs storage room. It isn’t really a basement; it’s just on the same bottom level with the garage. And despite its unwieldy long-but-narrow shape, it shouldn’t take too much money and effort to create some interesting livable space, instead of using it as a catch-all location for old furniture, equipment, and housewares. As we were down there last week to share ideas about what to do with the area, we reminisced about the times we used it as a shooting location (before we crammed it so full of stuff that we can barely walk around in it.)

So we climbed into the wayback machine this afternoon, to search for a couple of presentable outtakes from a particularly productive downstairs session from many years ago. As you might imagine, Holden has fond memories of the setting of the top photo. I think we only posted one or two shots from it, however, after I’d long since dispatched the thong. The original choice for the bottom photo was promptly hijacked by a thief on Tumblr, who scrubbed our watermark and posted it without credit. Needless to say, we were never very enthusiastic about posting an outtake of it, prior to today. Hope y’all are having a relaxing weekend! ~C

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