Celebrate 25 Years of Fun Factory With 1996 Prices! 40% OFF 8/9 ONLY!

Let’s Celebrate Fun Factory!

Who is ready to celebrate? What are we celebrating? It’s Fun Factory’s 25th birthday! That’s right, they’ve been around since 1996 and have just kept getting better. Fun Factory is actually the reason my site has an “actually innovative” tag; so many products claim to be innovative but Fun Factory can be counted on to consistently deliver products that are, you guessed it, ACTUALLY INNOVATIVE. Want some examples? 

Fun Factory was the first in the industry to:

  • Make a waterproof vibrator
  • Make a self-thrusting, hands-free toy
  • Win a mainstream design award
  • Make vibrators from medical-grade silicone
  • Make a rechargeable toy

Seriously, Fun Factory did all of that! Their 25th birthday is definitely something worth celebrating!

A HUGE Sale!

Now, here the BIG news: Fun Factory is celebrating their 25th birthday with a HUGE SALE! For one day only, they are offering 1996 prices! That is 40% OFF on some of the best toys in the industry! This sale is unprecedented. I have been in this industry for nearly a decade and have never seen such big discounts on high-quality products. This is a big deal.

Now, while the sale is site-wide (with some exceptions: it excludes Liberator and SpareParts products, as well as FUN KITS), I’m going to tell you about a bunch of my FAVE products. It’s a fun little walk down memory lane for me too as Fun Factory has played a HUGE role in my career!

But first, some embarrassing pics!

Before we get to that, though, let’s take a quick stop back in 1996! I was 17 years old and getting ready to enter my senior year of high school (I know, to a lot of you, I am OLD). I had very long hair and wore VERY big shirts.

Okay, now that we’ve done that, let’s get to the toys (and the MASSIVE discounts!)

Want to set the shopping mood? Check out Fun Factory’s Slutty Summer Spotify playlist with 25 years of sexy songs!

JoEllen’s Fun Factory Faves!


The Bootie is the very first butt toy I ever purchased! I got mine in the fall of 2012 and have proceeded to recommend it RELENTLESSLY since! Not only is it the perfect shape for comfortable insertion, it is also made with the lovely smooth, silky silicone that Fun Factory has embraced for years (even when other companies were insisting on using shiny, sticky silicone that picked up every piece of lint and hair in my bedroom… What? I’m not bitter about it!)

PLUS: In the years since I bought my Bootie, Fun Factory has started making them in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large!

Regular Price: $34.99-$44.99 (remember, there are three sizes!)

August 9th ONLY: $20.99-$26.99


When it comes to dildos, I’m a bit of a materialist. I rarely use them but I want them ALL. The Bouncer caught my eye when it came out (I want to say in 2015?) because, well, once again Fun Factory made a toy that did something that other toys didn’t do: Three weighted balls bounce and roll inside the shaft as you move it, giving you a deeper and more organic sensation than vibration. It’s very cool. Also, it has a super-strong suction cup base (I have suctioned mine to the wall and hung things off it YMMV) and the cool motion of the weighted balls means (for me at least) the Bouncer does double-duty as something akin to a stress ball. I keep it on my desk so I can shake it when I get fidgety.

Regular Price: $99.99

August 9th ONLY: $59.99

Bück Dich

Without exaggeration the Bück Dich is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE SEX PRODUCTS. Often products that are two things at once fail to be truly good at being either of the things but not the Bück Dich. It is an awesome paddle and a fun textured dildo with the same shape as the awesome Stronic Drei (more on that in a minute!)

Regular Price: $79.99

August 9th ONLY: $47.99

NOTE: I thought this product had been discontinued but it’s on the Fun Factory site right now. I don’t know if that will last so I advise you to grab it now!


Okay, so I don’t have a prostate but I always thought that the Duke looked like an incredibly cool prostate toy. Then I started dating someone who also thought it looked very cool, got himself one and RAVED about it. Duke has five vibration settings and curves against the prostate and perineum (if you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m a big fan of perineum stimulation) for amped-up orgasms.

Regular Price: $99.99

August 9th ONLY: $59.99

Laya II

Fun fact: My very first high quality sex toy purchase was the original Laya Spot. Sex Nerd Sandra enthusiastically recommended it and I was just starting to explore so I picked one up from Good Vibrations in Brookline, MA. Mine didn’t survive my cross-country move (my toy box was handled roughly ?) but the Laya lives on in this cool, updated rechargeable version!

Regular Price: $99.99

August 9th ONLY: $59.99



Most toys designed for penis stimulation aren’t much to look at, but the Manta is the exception. More than just a pretty face, the Manta is a super-versatile vibrating stroker that can be used solo or during couple’s play. It’s also rechargeable, waterproof, and made from body-safe silicone. With six speeds and six vibration patterns, the Manta is something special. Listen, I don’t have a penis (though I borrow them often) but I just think this is a ridiculously cool toy.

Regular Price: $139.99

August 9th ONLY: $83.99


Okay, I’m going to be perfectly honest: This product is brand new and I have not tried it but, as I said in my 2014 Sex Toy To-Do List (I used to make one every year!), I’m always excited to see what Fun Factory comes up with next. So often vibrating cock rings are a disappointment that really only serve to pleasure one partner or the other. Nos, however seems to be thoughtfully made and has some real potential. Also, my weird level of affection for the Fast & the Furious franchise means the name amuses the hell out of me.

Regular Price: $99.99

August 9th ONLY: $59.99

Stronic Drei

The Stronics always hold a special place in my heart. When I went on my Superhero Sex Shop Tour in the spring of 2013 the original Stronic Eins had just come on the scene and it ended up being the first big deal toy I ever reviewed. Then, in the fall of that year, the amazing folks at Fun Factory asked if I wanted to be the first person to review the Stronic Drei and I fell in love with it. In case you are unfamiliar, Stronic toys are pulsators rather than vibrators meaning they move in a thrusting motion. It’s pretty freaking cool.

Regular Price: $159.99

August 9th ONLY $95.99 (to be clear, a Stronic for under $100 is a BIG freaking deal!)

BONUS: While the original Stronic Eins has gone on to the great bedside table in the sky, Fun Factory has continued to grow their Pulsator category! Check it out!

Regular Prices: $169.99- $199.99

August 9th ONLY: $101.99-$119.99


I have a, perhaps unhealthy, fixation on Fun Factory Toybags. Right now a lot of my belongings are in storage and that includes most of my Toybags (I packed stuff in them, duh) and I miss them desperately. Yes, they are really convenient for keeping toys clean and lint-free but also, these tyvek bags are amazing for keeping yourself organized. I have used them to store cosmetics, lubricants, topicals, electronics chargers, and I’m even using one to store my edibles at the moment (I live in NJ and that’s legal here) I am in love with the gorgeous Limited Edition Toybag in this picture but there is also a basic Toybag available at a lower price.

Limited Edition Toybag:
Standard Toybag:

Act Fast!

So those are my favorite Fun Factory products but remember the sale is SITE-WIDE and only happening today, 8/9/21, so get over there and score some awesome deals while they last!

This post was sponsored by Fun Factory. The views expressed in it are, as always, my own.

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