Europeans adventures…the end – SEX-ED +


Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève

SEX-ED + presented it’s models and the prototype for gynecological exam training to the gynecology and maternal health team of the hospital. We are enthousiastic and a million projects may come out of it if we can secure funding and institutional support: research paper, new models, prothesis for people who no longer have a vagina… The needs are wide and far reaching and we “only” need money and green lights to give it a go (wink wink if you are in a position to make it happen). It is to be noted that under the supervision of Christophe Lamy (anatomy department), Geneva second year medical students are trained on genital anatomies using SEX-ED + and Bioscope models. If you know of any other place doing so please let us know.

Dr Jasmine Abdulcadir, HUG

Bioscope- Sciences, Sexes et Identités

SEX-ED + closest partners are developping educative tools that are amazing! Pictures are embargoed until the scientific article is published but  follow them if you love science, anatomy and genitals! It is thanks to their work that we have real life 3D clitoris, based on MRI. Also, Maeva Badré, who is part of the team, just obtained funding to do a Phd on ???????? ?????????? ???????????? ?? ??? ????????. In a couple of years we may have more answers about this organ ?

Journées Sciences et sexualités, Fondation Maurice Chalumeau

A hundred teachers or so attended this day of conferences around the science of brain and sexuality. It was an opportunity to meet  colleagues I hardly ever have a chance to spend time with like the team of scientific mediators from Palais de la Découverte in Paris who are working hard to have a permanent exposition around bodies and sex. It is to be noted that the first 3D clitoris was produced with the help of a mediator from Carrefour numérique (2). Those people are precious and make science accessible to the public. Gotta love them!

Le Fesse-tival

No way that SEX-ED + would miss a queer, independant, sex positive event. We stopped by le Fesse-tival for a few hours to meet the cool crowd of Geneva and talk a bit more about sex and genitals…

Brussels – GAMS

The last few days of the trip were in Brussels, where SEX-ED + teamed up with GAMS and CéMAVIE to mould women with different types of genital cutting / infibulation / reconstruction. Those body reproductions will be used to create tools for the training of medical professionals and to improve interventions with the public. CéMAVIE did an amazing job of recruiting volunteers and GAMS created a safe, joyful and empowering space for the event to happen. 10 differents imprint were taken, covering different types of interventions. Much needs to be said about the process, but that will have to come in a next blog post. It was SEX-ED + first experience of working outside of the workshop and it required a lot of flexibility and planning, as well as a good capacity to endure chaos in the GAMS offices. All in all, it was an intensely positive experience and I hope we can make great tools out of it.


Part of the GAMS team being their usual superheroes


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